Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Business Plan WOMAN

Nothing drives me more nuts than when little twerps come on Gratho's blog and say LIVE WITH IN YOUR MEANS.

First off what business is it of anyone to advise random strangers what to do with their finances, when the primary motivation is not coming from a prospective of success but rather loser doom..

My profile on these worm holes, is the loser, never took a risk, will be borderline poverty your entire life. What is the definition of live with in your means anyway. If you have a real education you will know that your means are unlimited, if your schooled and bought the honesty cool aid your doomed.

On TV shows the good cops always get the bad guys, In real life the bad guys win most of all the time. They only catch tiny bit of what's going on.

In a Business start up you got to do what you love, or you will fail, Richard Branson could never have made a facebook, and  Zukerburg could never have launched Virgin Records.

Was cursing my new boat in port credit, and checked out the Charter fishing boat companies. Some nice boats but all the captains looked like they spent time in jail.  If you like fishing here is a million dollar Idea.

Hooks Charter Fishing,

guess you know where I am going with target the young bay street puppies, have a platform on the bow where they can knock golf balls into the lake. Have two hot ladies  to serve the booze and for massages, wink. You charge a crazy fee 3 times what the other guys charge. Pay the ladies well so they come back for more, and Never touch your own merchandise.
Word of mouth will travel, so when ever the boys come in from NY or London, Hong Kong and need entertained, they are yours.

I hate fishing or I would do it.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Fishermen’s tail.

A fishermen invests in boat, a rod, and has an arsenal of lures in hopes of catching the big one.
Like the entrepreneur he sails his boat to wherever he feels the fish are biting, sets his lure and waits, gets a nibble and with skill sets the hook, then has a ton of fun reeling the suckers in.

He then gets the beggar slaves to kiss his ass by offering up small bits of fish. The slaves will do almost anything to be worthy in the eyes of the fishermen in hopes that he gives him a bigger piece of fish sometime in the future, while at the same time the fishermen is actively looking for a replacement slaves that will work harder for smaller portions of fish bits.

The beggar slave, be it the dock hand, the waiter, the teacher are generally unhappy with what they do, they try and convince themselves that it's ok,  everyone else is in the same small boat, but they know something is wrong but can't put their finger on it. That would require critical thinking. Sucked dry in high school.

Beggar slaves  long to take a shot at sailing  in the sea, but have been talked out of it by other fearful beggars, what if you hit a storm, what if you catch no fish, what if, what if. The other beggars secretly hate fishermen, while longing to be one.

Now if everyone was a fishermen, who would shine shoes, wash the boat, or cook the fish.  

Way back in time there was too many fishermen, and not enough beggars, so a few smart fishermen got together and invented school. The ultimate beggar making machine. The big plus is the beggar slave never gets this lesson and  less competitors for the established Fishermen.

The dock hands now  shine a boat with the latest technology better than ever, and the teachers will insure a constant  large fresh stock of beggars slaves for the fishermen’s enjoyment. 

To add insult to injury, the beggar pays for this obedience training with small bits of fish he's slaved over, that he borrowed and now needs to pay interest in more fish bits.

The beggars always complain about the fishermen, the banks, the Re-Agents, and hookers, but never even consider buying or building a boat.  

Now in life we have teachers, anglers, and hookers.
Which one disserves our contempt. The entrepreneurs?

And a true beggar slave will despise anyone who tells this fishy tale. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Scum sucking vampire baby eaters

The Insurance Industry

Listing to the radio today 640am there was a debate on insurance rates and  depending on where you live the rates are high or low. In Jane Finch you are getting hammered, Lawrence Park you're on easy street, very low.

Then they had some reps for the insurance association of Canada and industry people( sorry cant spell (beu-row)
They spun and danced and were full of crap, I tried to call to tell it like it was but could not get through.
I would so love to debate  these scum sucking vampire baby eaters. I don't mind scammers but they are so bad at it. What I resent is the industry so arrogant they don't even employee competent liars.

Bottom line is Dalton MacGoof is owned by the industry.

Lawrence park gets a break because collectively that's a good chunk of 1% ers , and when they are pissed heads roll.

The inhabitance of the Jane finch to the insurance industry  are cockroaches, who are poor have no power  and they are ripe for a gang raping.

The kids that grow up there know that the deck is loaded, and the Capitan lied,  they have two choices
Be dish washer or become a gangster.

And when one shoots up a mall we all want blood.

I don't blame gang bangers one bit.

To get a shitty paying job today you need university , to afford it they need to work, they need wheels to get to work , but the insurance industry makes sure, the only way for those  kids can  afford wheels is to sell weed.