Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Who want's to be a zillionare

It takes a bull shit artist to spot one....My specialty......

So the stats office MSM and Goldman say housing rebound full speed ahead........

USA housing market is on fire, the housing index shooting up, naturally companies like Lowes and Home Depot should confirm. Right....... Herd should be hunting for properties and mortgages.Right
Saving the best chart for last.......Batman

Welcome low life scum sucking vermin to the mind of the Great Crazy Smoking Man. why do I do this shit for free....
Spotted forming south of lake Ontario
click on charts for bigger view...

Exhibit A 
If the USA housing market was on fire why is the herd not caught on yet, from Google trends, forecast out to 2013 Key word, mortgages and MLS.

Exhibit B  Home Depot Financials. Notice a Trend tax farm slaves?

Exhibit Smoking Gun  anyone catch the second ear of batman forming on the upper right by the yellow price....if that second ear gets drawn.......Zillionare time for those of you that still have big balls.....No need to say more..Well there is.

It might keep going up, but if it don't SHORT THE BITCH..... weird world we live in. Stats and MSM say Canada housing to crash, but the herd keeps pushing it up.

USA MSM and govt stats says housing surging, and the herd pushing it down........

Ahhhh only the bull shitters win in today's world. That's why I do it...............

Friday, January 11, 2013

Building 7 = Police State

Through out history empires rise from the ashes only to be burn down, it's a cycle that repeats over and over.. The USA republic was founded on a rebellion. It's leaders created a Constitution that at the time thought would keep generations safe from tyranny and abusive power, checks and balances.

Lust for Power and  generational nepotism and succession dilute the principles that the nation was founded on, and the game becomes power and more power. The machine that took over the US government did it slowly in stealth over a long period of time, a smoker in the 70's was the norm, today an out cast. That is how the Machine operates, slow steady. It's primary brain sculpting is done via the school system

The machine for the last 100 has had total control of information, it told you who to like who the hate, who to be afraid of. This control over the minds of people gave it confidence it could do anything it chose and would not be held accountable...They got braver and braver......

Damn the internet and 911

911 was done right around the time Youtube came on line. an unforeseen obstacle in machine central planning. They did not foresee that they anit the only network in town with millions of viewers.

Building 7 is the smoking gun..........It's not a matter of if  it was an inside job,  and everybody knows it was.

For too many of the slaves this was the first time they got a glimpse of the morality behind the curtain... To be a good productive slave you need to believe in honesty, morality, justice. Opposite is required to rule

Those that spoke up against this crime are ridiculed and are called crazy, attacked by peers who also know the truth but chose to eat instead of seek justice, lessons learned in school. Worship authority, and punish its resistors, gets you better marks.......and a better cube...

This is the problem with the machine at the moment. never in the history of the world has a nation been so armed and so tuned into it's leaders corruptness, executive orders have given the machine authority to imprison for life, no trial anyone it deems a terrorist. The machine can also have its main actor order or a hit on any one it feels is a threat.

The machine reads our emails, listens to our calls, knows what we are thinking even though in public we currently keep it to ourselves and don't talk about these things. The machine knows that there is huge pent up hostility, and it can explode at any given moment taking down centuries worth of gains.

With debt spiraling out of control, no growth to recover, middle class getting poorer and an armed population, the machine needs to act now. Get the guns before the guns get us....................

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Chapter 1

A  drunken Richard Large standing on rail of the George Washington bridge wind and hard rain  blowing his long coat horizontally while he listening to his cars speakers not 3 feet away The thud of the speakers screaming  out goodbye cruel world I'm leaving you today (Floyd)  The splashing puddles of an approaching jogger distracts him and he losses concentration of the task at hand.

To be continued............