Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Justice !!!!!!!!

This could be my daughter. A ha  teacher gets his.  "OUCH"  Love it

I had guy like this in grade 7.   I didn't have the guts of this little girl, I did it in stealth, sugar in his gas tank and 4 values on his tires snipped with side cutters.  This little girl will be someone when she grows up.

This guy even looks like my teacher, who failed me out of spite, had to endure days like this for two years.Then he and the principle send me to a vocational high school. where I scored almost 100% average.
Then they send me to a regular SS school. where I ave in the 90's. left 1/2  way  in Grade 12 and  became the best rivet bucker in the world.

Is it to late to sue.

Bravo kid. You made my year. :)

I know what happens to you next, it's going to be a rough go for a while,  the kids that where laughing at you in class, in later life you will find ways to make them slaves for you while you pay them poverty wages. all the while pretending to care for them.

This is how  entrepreneurs, ruthless politicians, and criminals  are born.