Monday, April 30, 2012

How to Think

Every time someone says something to you, they are selling something. Everyone I have ever met has needs that need filled, some are resourceful, some suck at it.

Every human, every group, every alliance has an agenda with fine print they never will willingly show. It’s human nature.

The bottom line is they need to own your belief systems or it’s no sale.

Yesterday penpal who is skipping this post. made a futile attempt to bitch slap me.

I QUOTE  him
"Smoking Man My bet is that you are genuinely friendless in this world and a source of embarrassment for your family. Drug addled, drunk and whoring away your life doesn’t make you special and successful, just pathetic."

Yet he does not know what my agenda is, no idea what my end game is, does not know my weaknesses to exploit,  he is just reacting to a belief system someone programmed into him.. That’s dumb, what's even dumber is to show your cards. He's obviously not in sales that's for sure, my guess education.
I could do a full profile on him in 2 seconds but he is not reading this so on to today’s lesson.

Everybody Lies. This is how you should think.  

Say you go for a marshmallow roast with some white Supremist, Neo Nazi types.  They say Holocaust is never happened, the Jews suck bla bla bla. Two things you got to do.

One don’t show you hand, agree always,  Then try and figure out  how will they benefit if I drink the cool aid. What are they selling,stealing or hiding. What is the underlying need they want filled. Find weakness and exploit it.

The following week you go to a Likud party pig roast,(he he)  and listen to all the hard-line Zionist talk about the white skin head dogs, and the Holocaust. Then try and figure out how will they benefit if I drink the cool aid. What are they selling stealing or hiding. What is the underlying need they want filled.

Never believe anything from either side, It will make you weak  just concentrate on what  you discover and can exploit from each camp.  Then get em to swallow your cool aid and have your needs filled. It's called ownership.

That's how it's done. So simple.

Mr Carney is fibbing when we says rates are going up this year, the whole world is dropping them, but he is going to raise them. Mr Carney and F are  desperately trying to get RED DOTS on the mls by talking market down, Unfortunately The Herd Aint Swallowing

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Has America Been Crippled By Intellectual Idiots?

As far back as I can remember, the overarching message of the American social atmosphere has been one of idolization.  Oh to one day join the ranks of the “professional class”; that 5% to 10% of our culture which enjoys unparalleled respect and an assumed position of knowledge, so much so that they are rarely even required to qualify themselves to anyone besides their own compatriots.  The goal of every person I knew during my formative years with a desire to succeed was to one day hold in their hands an official looking embossed document announcing their ascension to the ranks of the intellectually anointed.  I was never so keen on the idea…        
The dangers of academic deification are numerous.  Those who dominate the educational language of the times determine the moral compass (or lack of compass) of the curriculum.  They control who is accepted and who is rejected, not by measure of intelligence or skill, but by their willingness to conform to the establishment ideal.  They construct a kind of automaton class, which has been taught not to learn independently, but to parrot propaganda without question.  Simultaneously, those of us who do not “make the grade” are relegated to the role of obliged worshippers; accepting the claims of the professional class as gospel regardless of how incorrect they happen to be.  To put it simply; the whole thing is disgustingly inbred. 
Elitism has always lent itself to morbid forms of educational molestation.  This is nothing new, especially within their own limited circles.  However, to have such perversions of logic and reason gutting the minds of entire generations across endless stretches of our country without any counterbalance is a far more heinous state of affairs in the long run.  Ultimately, this highway can only lead to a deterioration of our future, and the death of reason itself.
Recently, I attended a discussion panel on Constitutionalism at a university in Helena, the capital of Montana, and admittedly, was not expecting much insight.  (At the moment of arrival I noticed the buildings had been plastered with Kony 2012 posters.  The campus seemed to be completely unaware that the YouTube film is a George Soros funded ‘Wag the Dog’ farce.)  Even in a fiercely independent region such as the Northern Rockies, the collectivist hardline reigns supreme on most college campuses.  Sadly, very few actual students attended the discussion, and the audience was predominantly made up of local political players, retired legislators, and faculty.  Surprisingly, Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers was invited to participate in the discussion, obviously to add at least some semblance of balance or “debate” to an otherwise one-sided affair.  The mix was like oil and water.
The overall tone was weighted with legal drudgery.  Many of the speakers were focused intently on secondary details and banal explorations into individual Constitutional cases without any regard for the bigger picture.  When confronted with questions on the indefinite detainment provisions of the NDAA, government surveillance, or executive ordered assassinations of U.S. citizens, the panelists responded with lukewarm apathy.  The solutions we discuss regularly within the Liberty Movement, such as state nullification based on the 10th Amendment, assertions of local political control through Constitutional Sheriffs, and even civil disobedience, were treated with indignant responses and general confusion.
A consistent theme arose from the academics present, trying to run damage control on Rhodes’ points on federal encroachment and ultimate tyranny.  Their position?  Defiance is unacceptable (or at least, not politically correct…).  Americans have NO recourse against a centralized government.  Not through their state and local representatives, and not through concerted confrontation.  In fact, to even suggest that states act on their own accord without permission is an outlandish idea.  In the end, the only outlet for the public is….to vote.
No one seemed to be able to address the fact that both major parties supported the exact same unconstitutional policies, thus making national level elections an act of pure futility. The point was brushed aside…
Sickly shades of socialism hung heavy in the room.  One speaker even suggested that the states could not possibly survive financially without centralized aid.  He was apparently too ignorant to understand that the federal government itself is bankrupt, incapable of producing true savings, and printing fiat Ad Nauseum just to stay afloat.  Every 30 seconds I heard a statement that made me cringe.                    
Universities are today’s centers of connection.  They are one of the last vestiges of American tribalism and community in an age of self isolation and artificial technological cultism.  Adults do not meet face to face much anymore to share knowledge, or discuss the troubles of the day.  The academic world provides such opportunity, but at a terrible price.  To connect with the world, students must comply.  To be taken seriously, they must adopt, consciously or unconsciously, the robes of the state.  They must abandon the passions of rebellion and become indifferent to the truth.  All actions and ideas must be embraced by the group, or cast aside.  They must live a life of dependency, breeding a culture of fear, for that which others to keep for us, they can easily take away.   
How could anyone possibly sustain themselves on a diet of congealing fantasy, and personal inadequacy?  The intellectual life bears other fruits as well.  Where it lacks in substance, it makes up for in ego, proving that being educated is not necessarily the same as being intelligent.  The following is a list of common character traits visible in the average intellectual idiot, a breed that poisons the American well, and is quickly eroding away any chance of Constitutional revival…

1)  An Obsession With The Appearance Of Objectivity
I say “appearance” of objectivity because the intellectual idiot does indeed take sides on a regular basis, and the side he takes invariably benefits the establishment.  He would never admit to this, though, because he believes it gives him more credibility to at least be thought of as standing outside an issue looking in.  It is not uncommon to find Intellectual Idiots being contrary regardless of your view, even if they would normally agree.  They often try to approach debate with the façade of detachment, as if they do not care one way or the other.  The costume soon wears away, however, when they are faced with an opponent that is not impressed with their educational status.  I have seen lawyers, doctors, engineers, and even politicians devolve into sniveling toddlers when they are derailed by an argument beyond their ability to tap-dance around.  Their middle of the road persona evaporates, and the real person erupts like an ugly pustule…

2)  Clings To Labels And Status
Like anyone else, Intellectual Idiots cradle a philosophy they believe in, or are told to believe in.  But unlike most of us, they see themselves above the scrutiny of those who do not pursue a similar academic path (i.e. only a lawyer should be allowed to debate another lawyer).  The reality is, anyone is privy to the information a proponent of the professional class knows.  With the advent of the internet, it is easier than ever to educate one’s self on multiple subjects without aid if that person has the determination to do so.  Reputation is not earned by shelling out tens of thousands of dollars for university approval.  A Masters Degree or Ph.D is not a get out of logic free card.  In fact, because the Intellectual Idiot often uses his position to avoid true opposition, he tends to become lazy and even more incapable of defending his methodologies when the time comes. 
3)  Predominantly Collectivist
The curriculum of the average college is partly to blame for this, and because the Intellectual Idiot is so desperate for acceptance and accolades, they can’t help but fall into the trap.  Collectivism is marked by a distinct attachment to the state as the source of life.  All social and all individual crises thus become a matter of government purview.  Individual self reliance is a terrifying notion to them.  In fact, many Intellectual Idiots have lived on the dole since they were born, moving from their family’s money, to state money through grants and loans.  It is not unheard of for these people to become career students, avoiding work for years, and then moving on to a bureaucratic job when the free money runs out.  They cannot fathom why anyone would rebel against the system, because they are a part of a select group which has always benefited from it.  How could the federal government be bad when it has paid their way for half of their existence?

4)  Disconnection From Reality
The Intellectual Idiot is not necessarily afraid to acknowledge that the system is troubled.  For them, the federal government is not infallible, even if their favorite party is in office, but, it IS unapproachable.  Academics revel in the disastrous nature of government.  They see political and social catastrophe as a sort of mental gameplay.  An exercise in theoretical structures.  For them, America is not a country built on an enduring set of principles, but a petri dish; an ongoing anthropological experiment that they can watch through a microscope at their leisure.  The idea that the disasters they view from the safety of their sub-cultural bubble might one day come to haunt them is a distant one.

5)  Abhors Those Who Step Out Of Bounds
Have you ever entertained a view that went against the grain of the mainstream only to be met with accusations of extremism and sneers befitting a leper?  You were probably talking to an intellectual idiot.  The rules, no matter how distasteful or meaningless, hold special power for these people.  They make the system what it is, and when the system is your great provider, you might lean towards defending it, even in the wake of oligarchy and abuse.   This penchant for overt structure for the sake of centralization is especially damaging to our Constitutional rights, because alternative solutions are never treated as viable.  During the panel discussion in Helena, pro-collectivists consistently tried to redirect the conversation away from the 10th Amendment as a method to counter federal overreach.  They did this by bringing up abuses of the states, including slavery and segregation, as if that somehow negated the nightmare of the NDAA. 
Ironically, they saw the use of violence by the federal government to push states to recognize civil liberties as perfectly practical.  But, the use of force by states to protect the same civil liberties from Washington D.C.?  That would be lunacy…

6)  Believes Academia To Be Free From Bias
The Intellectual Idiot assimilates every bit of information he is given at the university level without a second look.  He simply assumes it is all true, and if something appears mismatched, it is only because he does not yet fully grasp it.  Very rarely will he go beyond designated source materials to get a different opinion.  This habit is the root of his idiocy.  Being that most universities draw from the same exact materials, and peer reviewed papers are usually tested by those with the exact same underlying educational backgrounds, I can’t see how it is possible for much variety of thought to form.  Whether intentional or not, severe bias cannot be avoided in this kind of environment without considerable strength of heart.
The shock that these people express when faced with Liberty Movement philosophies is quite real.  They have spent the very focus of their future life within the confines of a miniscule spectrum of truth; like seeing technicolor for the first time after a long limited existence in black and white.   
It’s hard to say when it all really began, but for decades, Americans have been progressively tuned like pliable radio antenna to the song of the elitist intellectual.  Many of us want to be him.  Others want to follow him, straight to oblivion if need be, as long as they don’t have to blaze their own trail.  This is not to say all professionals are a danger to the Republic.  Some are fantastic proponents of freedom.  But, without a drastic reversal in current educational trends, I see little hope of Constitutional guardians becoming a mainstay of U.S. campuses in the near term.
With mashed potato minds fresh from the psychological Cuisinart of public schools, the next generation in line to inherit the most fantastically schizophrenic nation in history will be like candy for social engineers; utterly unequipped for the mission.  Strangely, the drastic financial slide the elites have also triggered might hold the key to our salvation.  The next batch of would be statist citizens may find themselves so poor that higher educational brainwashing will be impossible to afford, giving them precious time to think for themselves, and come to their own conclusions.   As they say, in all things, there is a silver lining…

Monday, April 23, 2012

ANDERS Behring Breivik

Here is an extremism case of belief system gone wild. no flexibly, no deductive reasoning, no critical thinking. Void of all logic, and balance. I often say school  trains you to stay between A to Z  in his case he's stuck between Y to Z.

He is not really crazy look what he pulled off., his mind just  has no range.

The belief system once it takes hold of you with an idea, it  becomes an unconscious censor and filterer of info. This  feeds the prevailing belief and slays the ideas of the contrary.

Now if you ever get stuck in this vortex and you  make investment decisions , you will surly lose your shit. That's why only a very small number of the population can day trade and make money or even code.

We have no beliefs system other than what worked today might not work tomorrow, keep analyzing  and evaluating. be ready to do a 180 at any-given moment.  Go with you're first instinct. Follow through.
Become and practice to be great liar (teacher never tough you that) , for it's the only way will have the ability to really spot one.

In the day time I'm like Clark Kent, glasses  happy dog (hang over) , willing to serve. I watch the daily play actors, the hiarchy positioning and posturing, the egos clashing,  over hear disastrous bets people are going to make on the markets. Yet I never intervene, as I only come out at night. I'm Batman on here.

I am always bragging and boasting  speeling poorly, why would I do that,  knowing that makes people dislike me.

I'm trying to prove a point, your conditioning at school trains you to dislike people that have characteristics , like the smoking mans, the machine does not want to compete with many smoking men, School  makes you love the  person I pretend to be in the day time.

It's called control.

I'm  free and loving it. Will never stop smoking, risk taking  or drinking ever.

I was looking back at the posts In Nov and Dec.

99% percent believed with all your heart  RE was over in the GTA. and look what happen Just like I called it. For the exact reasons I used. Yet right in front of your face you did not see it, it was filtered out.

The damn belief system, you play it right it's your best friend, let it box you in your finished.

I hope I get threw to you guys one day.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mfg Music.

The young gen only gets to listen to sanctioned tunes, the machine slipped up in the 60’s and 70’s the creative’s slipped past the machines radar. So lucky,  great  tunes that taught us how to think, not what to think. Un censored rebellion, the rich were not rich yet.

Back then many players in the game of monopoly,  anyone could win,

Kids today, school, mfg  pop culture, and celebrity worship, you have no chance.  Not even the Teachers know they are owned.

Listen me on here, I will teach you how lie, will teach you how to Boom the Boomers
( look up boom from the flick Couples retreat) If that’s to much work for you replace Boom with fk.

With everyday that goes by I’m more like Kurtz. Diamond tip clarity.

Lenord Cohen
Roger Waters
Bob Dylen

To name a few, kids you don’t know them.

And more importantly every major post I put out has a hidden message that not even the thought police algos   at NSA can unravel.

Be a cold day in hell when software can beat me. I’m it’s God


 Back in the fall when I was telling you that the spring market was going to be  hot, no red dots. I had no idea how right I was to become.

Unbelievable even to me, April is going to Break all Records in GTA sales and price. Carnage will only act if another set of good job numbers materializes and that may happen.

They cloak and craft the words carefully to let the investment class know the scoop,  while tricking working class to think when the price of goods go up.

Words like this

(The output gap shrinking)  Do any track 6ers even bother to figure out what it is he is saying.
Meaning the pool of available slaves is shrinking putting pressure on wages.

200 years ago  Slave was called a Slave
Y2000 Slave was called an Employee
2005  Slaves are called associates
2010 Slaves are called resources
Present, West Jet gives them 1 share and calls them partners

LMAO   Track 6ers

Anyone ever see the Movie The Island,  Bombed at the box office made in 2005
Got no publicity an amazing flick
If you imagine for a moment that the clones are the track 6ers

WOW what a parity to today's world.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

#50 Smoking Man on 04.21.12 at 2:09 am

FAKE lemmings ? when have I ever used that word.
Not easy to fake the Great Smoking Man is it.
However I agree with you.
Good Post FSM

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Output Gap

When Carnage talks about the Output Gap, he doesn't mean a brunet in a Red Bikini trying to do up her laces while on roller skates.

Output Gap is bankers speak for when too many tax farm slaves are on the payroll, allowing other tax farm slaves to be in a better negotiating position. There is no way they are going to get bullied by the help asking for more loot. Lets slow things down by spiking rates.

Inflation in the cost of goods is never really acted on, last 2 years, I rest my case, but let the dog have a bigger bone, watch out. And they pretend to wonder why Canadians are in so much debt.

Get with the program Bubble Heads Start a business and own your own slaves. Your only salvation in the new world order, or you can try GOD. I would but my membership in that club has been revoked.

In LongBrach my new hood for a year now, everything is sold in less than two weeks, it takes that long cause no offers for 10 days, up price, bid, and gone.

Carnage had a chance emasculate this market with a 1% in your face don't know what hit you. Now he has created a situation whereby panic buyers will pay almost anything to beat the hike.
And sellers don't believe him anymore.

The Perfect Storm

I love Real Estate

#210 Men Who Stare At Sheeple on 04.18.12 at 4:59 pm

90% of the People Know 911 was probably some kind of Inside Job.

Anything Happen. Nope. And a great deal of people know what your post describes, any thing Happen. Nope

400 people a day squeeze and fight trough a narrow one set of stairs to line up on Track six at union station at 12:43, They know if they take Track 5 they will be first on the train choice seat. But the TV says Track 6. Anything Happen. Nope.

My advice. Join the club, pillage the sheep. It's easy.

Impostor on Greater Fool

Don't know who's doing it but the fake Smoking Man is back on here.

So I will validate all the Posts on my blog, just click on my name to see if it's real

Fake guy's not bad but, he could easily destroy my near perfect record of calling the markets.

O and that Video you posted lame, You should see the ream ma coy in action.