Sunday, February 23, 2014

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Made it to YUMA nice drive

After landing in Vegas, losing a negotiating with a dwarf Mexican for a deal on a ragtop I settled for a lime green Ford feista at 30 bucks a day .

I'll take the 300 I saved and play some craps.

After a sleepless night hammering jd and keyboard keys, I'm done.

After 7 chapters of writing, 26 ounces of JD, 3 packs of Cigarettes I've come to the conclusion, I better stay far away from writing fiction. My imagination and pure depravity are far beyond the norms of humanity, I better stick to a book about making money.

Leave the crazy loon in the closet where it belongs.

Ended up in Laughlin today, people here pronounce it, Lof-lyn. That's how f-ed the English language is. I call it Law-lyn.

Laughlin is a place  for old farts, they got a chair by the pool to lower the nearly dead into the water, I stepped on a used depends in the pool.

What was cool, I was the hot dude in the pool, all the grannies where smiling and sizing me up, all the while their nearly dead husband's where praying for me to take them off there hands.

This 70 year old woman next to me in a one piece swim suit, has the complete side of a boob exposed. She gets up to adjust her chair, I'm thinking please don't, I'm trying to force myself to look away. But I can't, I wanted to see if my prediction would unfold as anticipated.

Boom, it popped out. The horror.

That's it, with that image burned into my brain, it's over. I will never have sex again.

I never seen so many hurst's in all my life, they drop like Flys here.

Going back to Vegas in the morning. Ahhhhhh.