Wednesday, July 17, 2013


As we are all obsessed with loot on Garths pathetic blog, each one spinning opinions based on our bets or lack there of. It seams like the real estate market is having a bounce. 

I was out having a smoke, hot and humid as hell..

Made another amazing discovery, specific parts of female anatomy seam to have a better bounce on days like this.

It leaves me wondering, is the heat and humidity responsible for this phenomenon, or does the heat and humidity make me a more focused observer…?

Hum, better go out for another fix.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Curtain Experiment.

Guys don’t you love this time of the year. Downtown hot humid, the ladies in light summer dresses and perfectly done toe nails. Eye candy galore.
I made a phenomenal discovery about female body language. This is more significant that Track 6ers being stupid.
It’s all about the blouse over the tee shirt, I call the blouse the “Curtains.”

There is a myth that when a woman touches here hair in your space, she has he hot’s for you. Total BS, means nothing, she could be making sure she had just the right amount of cream rinse on. Or just loves her hair.
Now I’m no spring chicken, Bald, early 50’s well-tanned, surprisingly good looking in spite of heavy drinking and smoking. Now every now and then a hottie coming up the escalator will draw the curtains and present the Howitzers, then I watch her eyes and wait for the zero in never fails, all fluid and natural.
Now when a younger one outside the age range I’m talking under 25 is coming up the escalator draws the curtains shut almost every time. Very interesting I’m thinking.
So I was out having a smoke, a 35 ish angle presented, even smiled, I thought I need to test this out.
A few days later see was out there again. Now back in the sixties when I was a kid playing hockey, it was badge of Honour to get your teeth knocked out with a puck, playing defense stopping shots with the face is what I did best, I got my badge. The two bugs bunny teeth are gone, but have fake ones.
So as I approached the door leading to the smoking area, I popped out the teeth. Went close to her, she opens the curtains, I ask for a light, mouth open wide and She lights it , immediately closes the curtains and backs off.
What a discovery, so guys if he Curtains are open, it’s yours to lose is all I’m saying.
Now what does this have to do with Real Estate you ask?
Simple, guys are weak, woman look hotter in the summer and spring, if the wife wants a house, her best chance of getting hubby into extreme debt, and her getting even with a rival beotch, who has a house and who’s Howitzers have a bit more firing power is to plot and do it in Summer and Spring when men are at their weakest. Like a vampires at dawn the fold easily.
Stats prove it.
Just look at the pic up top, cop and chic on the right…Need I say more.
Smoking Man always ahead because he studies the herd.