Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fitting In

Fitting in is the most self destructive characteristic a human can have. It is the absolute sign of weakness in any Man. It's why we have a housing bubble, it's why people compromise their convictions and do what ever it takes to fit in no matter how much down the road pain it will deliver

The elite, they privately  agree with all my ideas on how to fix this world. Yet in the company of their peers, they dare not bring them forward with an audience of their kind.They wanted me to do it. f-em they don't pay me enough.

What is their kind anyway , they eat, they shit and get the occasional  runs. The Track 6ers give them so much respect, which they dwell on, it gives them a irresistible feeling of supremacy, 

They get this mojo not by the belief in ones own abilities ,  but by the Track 6ers licking their feet.

Fitting in starts in kindergarten and is rewarded handsomely  all the way to the day you get to put our obidiance certificate in a frame.

Until the people who line up on track six say, screw this,  then cross the track to 5 and shout out.  I am special I count, I am worth something, their diminishing life style and standard of living will keep drooping.

Next time you give your kid an apple to take to the teacher, put a razor in it.

The machine does not want  kids today making a survivability rate of pay, yet they are the future tax base to pay for medicine, F35's, fund pensions and social programs. Something is going to give.

Hell is coming, learn to lie, cheat, steel, and sell. You are running out of time.

Monday, May 28, 2012

House Hold Debt

We hear a constant echo from Ottawa, Muppet's get your debt in order., cause you know rates are going up.  Sure,Sure  when and not if  Greece folds just watch rates go back down.

I make a shit load of loot, I work  for free consulting in a field I love,  all my consulting income 100% goes to pay an outrageous disproportionate amount of tax. 

But even I have noticed just how nuts things have become, Insurance, Housing, Gas, Food, etc.For the average Joe.

Canadians are in debt up to there eyeballs cause the architects of our economy have made it easy for corps to rake in huge loot, while getting tax payer funded grants,  while at the same time crushing any threat whereby the Muppet's might  get a raise to even the  keep the head above water.  I declined my offer to go to Chantilly, Virginia.  I lobbied like crazy, finally got the invite, now that I got it  fk em.

Most of you know I got a knack for picking markets and trends, almost down to the minute of major trend reversals, as demonstrated here over and over. The elite that  have been picking my brain since 2000 rewarding me unbelievably well have lost it . 

I have maintained  a very  low profile through out and only have a select dozen people I work with. And I am in the process of slowly backing away from those relationships.

They don't get it, and they don't like what I say about were things are going and what needs to be done to fix it before it's to late. They think they know the Herd and they do to an extent, but a starving dog, no matter how well trained  has no loyalty. 

I'm right about 99.9% of the time now they think I'm wrong. 

When I told'em two years ago I was going to fake poverty for my kids, they thought I was nuts. I faked poverty so my kids would worry about life a bit and get of the sofa and experience the trill of climbing a mountain,  falling down and getting up, and it worked on 2 out of three.  Number 3, well I got a hit man at my disposal. 

I guess I have gone  Colonel Kurtz

Was in the Muskoka this week end, boring,best behaviour, plastic on,  on some big boats. I just wanted to get back to my Gazebo and get shit faced by myself listing to Floyd. and scanning the skies for UFO's..


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Montreal Students

Love their spirit but?

Lets look at this, they are fighting for the right to get an obedience certificate that entitles them to a cushy number, sitting down hopefully with a computer and a cube. All the Track 6ers think they are entitled brats.

Not me, it's more than a tuition hike, under the surface they swallowed the cool aid and they know the future is bleak and it's an excuse to vent.

Last week I decided to learn a new programming language . I google up 20 code samples and in two days I can do anything in that language. Now don't think it's that easy, I have a great self taught base to draw from.

The point I'm trying to make is the new bee's will never make the loot that the boomers did, we are in a globalized market where capital and jobs go to the lowest bidder. And our governments and Bank of Canada encourage it.

If you're in a post secondary school burn your books at the next bubble head bond fire, and learn to be a revenue generator, sales, someone that brings in money, rather than costs money.

It's your only chance in tomorrows world for success, Say you have an amazing creative tallent, if you can't sell it your a nobody.

Now if you wana be an architect, it's your passon, you don't care what you get paid, that's different but be prepared to learn a new language and move to different countries to find work.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wee Victoria Grant

Wee Victoria Grant thinks she's got it figured out

The little twerp might be right look at the chart. But wait, hum, their is something she is not looking at.

But what Victory does not understand without debt to finance growth, her dad would still be driving a Volkswagen,   She would not have an I phone,  we would be just be inventing windows 95.

What the chart does not show is the rate of advancement in technology driven by debt, before fake money came to be, advances where very slow, and only a tiny handful of tyrants  had all the loot. who did not really like to finance it out.

I'm wondering does she own any bank stocks, cause if the banks are the thieves raking it in. not hard to get a piece of the action. You click a wee button that says BUY, the bounce is you can buy it with money created out of thin air from your dad's HELOC

Now if another country say USA brought in the fiat Money out of thin air,  and your country did not.

That other country will leave you in the dust technologically, and economically  speaking.  US did it first everyone had to follow.

Now the Billions the Banks are pulling in go to share holders, pay out preferred, Employees get a chunk  who then buy and consume things in the economy so your daddy can have a job to afford to drive you around to do these speeches. If he crashes his car and goes to the hospital and gets an MRI to save his life , you should thank your lucky starts that Debt financed the technology.

Now the system is good so long as the politicians are honest, and a bit smart.

But they are neither, the pricks abuse it for profit.

They over pay for things like F35, or Wind Farms  for future kickbacks, and board seats. Unfortunately the tax payers get the bill for these abuses.

Nice Job Victoria, but to be elevated to smoking man status, you need to look at the bigger pic and not what your dad said.

Just saying..............................

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Girls and Granet

Some one commented on my post,  why girls do so much better at school than boys.

I see it, and I certainly don't want to start a gender war but here is the Truth.

Back in the cave man days, the men had to hunt and bring home food. The woman nursing small kids stayed in the cave and organized shit. As they accumulation carcass, bones and other stuff  they probably started some form of written record keeping to know where everything was.

Now the men never wrote stuff down, but they had to be visual, remember land marks, we took a right at the tree by the lake, and a left by the buffalo shit.

Men evolved with visual stimulus so they could find their way back to the cave, woman evolved by making notes of where they had stuff and how to cook the best buffalo.

Today you don't need to look to far for evidence that the characteristics still hold true today.

Men Visual, Woman Reading Notes.

A group of 20 year old men watching a porno can easily in 20 seconds become a great coat racks. Most woman want to puke.

Yet the best selling book is basically a porno with words, "50 shades of Grey". I read a bit of it Boring, wifey before the first chapter was chasing me around the house for a bit of bald old Man. Unreal :)

School and the architects who designed it  needed to find a unit of measure to present the achievement to the Machine,then have the teachers  heads patted like the good dogs they are.

You can't measure  a mans visual genius very well, yet you can measure if a dog does a good job memorizing and regurgitating. The feminized  man has a degree.

Woman are naturals at this, been doing it since the cave, they made  recipes for cooking dinosaur parts. That's why they excel at school.

And the Machine got smart about 30 years ago.It figured out how to get two labour credits for the price of one,  The bounce was they got rid of mom so they can now complete own her kids mind.

They taught the woman that staying home and nurturing and educating children was for losses. They taught them that we are going to split the wage required to pay the bills into two, hence more sweat for the same loot,  and tricked them the beilive that a carrier  is way  cooler than mother hood.

How many Carrier woman long to be home with their beautiful  baby's but will never admit it.

The educational industrial complex.  Nice

As far as Gannet? too shit faced to remember what I was thinking when I started.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


On May 1st Me and Turner Nation were long on ERF I told him to bail.
#128 Smoking Man on 05.01.12 at 12:29 pm 
TurnerNation "This Huston. Shuttle ERF. Go with Throttle Up"
“Roger Huston  going with Throttle Up."
"Going with Throttle Up"  is Trader Speak for disaster about to happen.

How did the Oracle of Oracle's know,  Am I a funky insider?, nope, the insiders don't listen to me. The fking pre ma dona's are to busy with their PHD level risk modles.(That never picked up 2008) They are always missing the obvious. 

One Day if I feel generous I will let them pay big bucks for small bits of my brain.
Here is how I did it this time. 
Batman made a very strong head on May 1st. TSX Can you spot Batman. Please tell me you can.  select one month chart.
Just Like Dings in elevators, and track 6ers. It's not rocket science. 
One More  Lets look at the Bank of Canada  benchmark bonds.
Find me a Batman
Do you get it now kids.
Your Welcome :)

Monday, May 7, 2012


Well I enter exhibit A The machine has successfully talked down the Market in that Market.
And the machine has got double barrel shot guns on the Toronto market. Lets face it, House prices in the GTA vs Income are insane.
F needs to rain in this insanity, to please his masters other wise , the scum bag middle class will be demanding more loot.
Which means the pool boy, the maid, and the nanny, you try and keep one for more than six moths will be demanding more loot.
This will not do..
Middle class when you walk down town and the homeless dude is begging for money, the contempt and ill feeling you have to the slimebag is what the elite and those in power out side the light think of you.
Even though you may drive a nice car, and have a nice house. You’re a dog in their eyes, while they pat you on the head and say good boy. Been to parties like you wont believe, seen it first hand.
That’s why I always say steel the fking customer list, cause sucking up gets you no respect. Honesty integrity, virtue in their eyes is a sign of pathetic weakness and confirmation in their heads that you are a dog.
The school system is a pet training operation. The teachers are just well trained pets, following orders.
I say steel customer list dogs, and live large.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lake Simco Chat on a boat

Was on the lake today, shooting the breeze with some boomer  palls , Many of them lost their shirts in 2008, will not touch a mutual fund or make investments in Bonds Equities, they don't even know what preferred's are.

All of them have made their remaining wealth in Real Estate and have no intention of liquidating some of there properties. Made fun of me for un loading all but one. See how much loot you lost smoking man, I said ya I'm an idiot but I had no choice markets wiped me out, poverty sucks, we can't win all the time I said, as I cruise  the lake on the hosts gas, booze and shrimp.

I did such a good job faking poverty one of my pals offered my free car 2007,  rag top beamer , as they noticed I was in a rental. I just said thanks but I don't need a car and the insurance would kill me right now.
Don't worry boys, not looking for a hand out, I will bounce back, I always do, but thanks I appreciate it.

Prompting guy hugs. I was dying inside. LMFAO

At leased now my kids our out hustilling, learning to sell,   they know that stupid dad lost all the loot, They got to make it on there own. The guys on the boat have sons in the 20's few degrees, but mostly don't work are banking on Dad to look after them. Funny thing is the daughters are all doing good.

Ah That feminized curriculum.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

WOW 9% year over year in price

The Great Smoking Man nails another one out of the park. I'm better at calling markets than god. Read my posts from the fall.

GTA sales up Over 18 % 22% in single detached homes like mine.

Oh bubble heads where is your fat lady, she's not singing anytime soon. The only song you will here is the machine ramp ping up the bubble talk, but clearly the herd aint paying attention.  After the a few months when prices seasonally drop, The crash is coming the crash is coming. Carney spikes a 1/4 and the herd retreats for a bit, then Next spring they say aw screw it lets buy.

Why am I so good. Cause I just am.
No belief system no bias, just amazing powers of observation, Analyse and React .

It's so easy for the un schooled.

Here is the cake. Kids take two bites.

Market Remains Tight with Sales Up in April
TORONTO, May 3, 2012 –  Greater Toronto REALTORS® reported 10,350 transactions
through the TorontoMLS system in April 2012.  This level of sales was 18 per cent
higher than the 8,778 firm deals reported in April 2011.  The strongest sales growth
was reported in the single-detached market segment, with transactions of this home
type up by 22 per cent compared to a year ago.
“Interest in single-detached homes has been very high, both in the City of Toronto
and surrounding regions.  Growth in single-detached listings has not kept up with
demand, which means competition between buyers in this market segment
increased.  With this in mind, it was no surprise that the strongest annual price
increase was also experienced in the single-detached segment,” said Toronto Real
Estate Board President, Richard Silver.
The average price for April 2012 transactions was $517,556 – up 8.5 per cent
compared to April 2011.  While price growth was strongest for single-detached
homes, the better-supplied condominium apartment segment experienced a more
moderate annual rate of price growth, at four per cent.
“Monthly mortgage payments remain affordable for home buyers in the Greater
Toronto Area.  While interest rates are generally expected to increase over the next
two years, the extent and timing of rate hikes has been thrown into question by
slower than expected economic growth in the first quarter of this year.  On net,
borrowing costs are expected to remain a positive factor influencing home sales
through 2012,” said Jason Mercer, TREB’s Senior Manager of Market Analysis