Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Near Death Experiance

I got a book in my head based on a somewhat of true story, want to turn it into a screen play, any blog dogs want to help.  I'm the Gretzky of this shit who don't have a stick. I need help...Please Help

The plot:

A slightly autistic man (Richard Large, ak Smoking Man) who is tormented  with visions that come true, he drinks to avoid and cloud the pain of the bad ones that come true,  dies in a strip joint while dancers tune is gig in the sky, he dies due too excessive bacon and egg eating, smoking and drinking. His soul is taken on a tour of the universe by a gorgeous angle (Becky), he meets a crying Eisenstein pissed that he has no more puzzles to solve, He is introduced to a  voice, not sure if its god or the crazy voice in his head.

He is taken on a tour of the universal conciseness consolidator where he learns everything about everything. Becky fucked up, she took him threw the UCC to early, not enough time passed and his body was revived in an ambulance.

He recovers after a long coma with super human knowledge and power, first thing he does is transforms that old homeless lady on a bay street grate into a gorgeous young woman again, its captured by a near by news crew. The attention he gets brings more people with problems and he preforms miracles and cures cancer  He cures all illnesses, which put everyone in health care out of a job. They hate him and want him dead. All the religious leaders of all religions want him dead as their cash stream of followers renounce there own religion and follow the Smoking Man.

The CIA, CSIS, Mossad plot to take him out. Problem is he reads their thoughts, as soon as someone plots to kill him their heads explode. Eventually this power consumes him and any tiny negative thought by a fellow human causes their heads to explode, he's lost control, they all die.eventually only crazy people and drug addicted people are left. Smoking Man decides he want's to leave this world and go back to space. Goes to a bridge, and jumps, only to awake from a coma,  with all the power he had from the first coma, decides he's not going to cure cancer or make the old young. He buys a small bungalow in long branch and takes up blogging  always careful to avoid publicity.

The plan, I type it as I see it, you guys correct and make it better. eventually threw my contacts at TIFF we get a director and make a 3D  modern day wizard of oz.

I need help any volunteers contributors will get full propotional credits and comp.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Me and my buddy Chris Hadfield

No one is higher at the moment.

Why did everyone think I was talking about money and power, silly rabbits.
Ok he's not my buddy,  but was good enough to pose for a photo. If you're ever lucky enough to meet this remarkable guy, and no one is around, ask him about UFO's 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry Fucking Xmass

Was Mary really a Virgin?
Did Joseph bye it, was he scanning the room trying to figure out who pined his bitch?
Did Jesus turn water into wine?
Did a candle with a few hours supply of fuel  really burn for 8 days?
Did Mosses make the sea part?  You sure he didn't take a hammer and chisel up the mountain.
Why does god not show his face.........................................?

Ancient con men and magicians.........................................Milking the sheep to this day.

Now 2000 years later not much has changed,

I got to put up with all this fucking bull shit.


They all get together and tell lies about their success and their kids over embellished achievements, un-like me who barges about his failures, Fuck if they only knew the truth about ? Much prefer for them to think I live under a bridge, its so much fun watching their contempt for drunken me, sucking up to those that they perceived to have the most loot. So funny....

For once at a x mass dinner I would like to go and load the young kids up with craft dinner, stick ping pong balls up theirs ass, draw straws on who pulls the finger, and bet huge against the brother in laws on which kid can fire it the furthest. I can dream can't I

Now that would be a Christmas.

But sadly I will endure adults pretending to love each other, while stealthily taking cheap shots at each other.
Everyone selling, competing, with fake smiles and zoned out eyes, woman conniving the next dig to the skinny one.

I have a cousin in the USA, who's in deep shit, about to lose his house, lost job,best friend had to fire him, bad health, hooked on Oxy for real pain, with beautiful kids, un-like me he has done a great job.

As kids we grew up together, he was the alpha, always kicked the shit out of kids that would give me a hard time, I deserved it, but he made it so I got away with it.. Always their for me...............

I am working in stealth, my aunt, his mom called up my wife, asking for a bit of loot so his kids can have a good x-mass, shes not doing that good either.

These people love me.

I said he wont except a dine from me to proud, so get me his bank info and I will drop a g-note in his account. She got me the info today.

Cuz is  going to wake up on Christmas morning with no mortgage, + 1000 in his account, he will have no idea who did this.

Why would I do that? Cause I can.

Plus my wife loves his wife, two drunken idiots when they get together, and my aunt called her first...........................

Merry Christmas Cuz............

To the rest of you, suck my balls, fucking hate this time of year........always costs me fucking money.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Is Smoking Man in this pic

Is he on the  left, right, or the centre,  or not here?

Questions, damn Questions.



Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My deleted post on GF 2012-12-05 # 1

Well I did it, on an elevator with the wheels of the firm.
2 hours after eating white rice with Szechuan chicken and consuming 3 glasses of wine with  3 packs of hot sauce my rice, my Hemorrhoids are screaming for a scratch from a weakened mind.

I cave to temptation, actually I had no control.

I did it, started with a slow twirl hoping no one noticed,  mirror told a different story, Hemorrhoid saying man up basterad, so I do. I’m busted.  So I say fk it, I dig deep, twist, dig attack, Ahhhhh, wonderful. It was so gratifying can’t find words to describe it, better than sex.  Damn it.

I am expecting security to hall my ass out of the building tomorrow. If not


I must rock,  after all I now Yoda, and now Zohan…..

Csis going who the fk  is Zohan?

Zohan stories coming…………………

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tweets about teachers get 9 Brampton students suspended

Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board demands apology letters from students.

Below is a sample letter: 
Students feel free to plagiarizer/modify and use this template.
If anyone has a better letter temple feel free to post in the comments section

This is My Sincerest Apology Letter I am being forced to write:

How dare you fuckers discipline,  threaten me with consequences  and force me to write an apology when it was you and your board who invaded my privacy by reading  private conversations of my friends and I on twitter 

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you we live in a country that has a charter of rights and freedoms, it's  displayed in the school hall, stop treating it like toilet paper. In this great country of Canada free and open speech is permissible and legal. 

My friends and I were engaged in private conversation between us you where not invited,  you have absolutely no right to read or form an opinion of this content. If you came across it by accident or were shown it  you should have respected my privacy and stopped reading, then disciplined the individuals that brought it to your attention.

We students and parents want to know why Christopher Vincent of a other Brampton school, who also was once a history teacher at St. Marguerite d'Youville Secondary School was not forced to write an apology letter when he was charged with drinking and driving and found with undisclosed controlled substance. He even gets a (Holiday) suspension with pay.

Where is the fairness in that you fucking pieces of shit.

My private conversations with my friends are done on our own time. How dare you read it. Who the fucking hell do you think you are.You Parasitic free loaders who's salaries are 100 times over what the job is worth.

I would also like to know why there is only one supplier and source to purchase our school  uniforms at extremely over inflated prices, is there a financial interest with members of the school board that allow a single supplier year after year? Why do we have no secondary choice.

I demand a written explanation as to why I need to pay so much money for this poor quality clothing. Why is the vendors right to privacy referring to it's financial statements not under your scrutiny. I want to see the balance sheet of that company.

This is a shameful abuse of power. Remember it will be my generation in charge of changing your diapers in a few years while you rot in a nursing home, pay back may be a bitch you fucking bastards..

PS: Mr school master,  you want us to use responsible speech while using social media and the like. Are you a complete fucking idiot, True free speech is irresponsible speech. and you claim to have an education.


Student Name Here:

Monday, November 19, 2012

Gaza vs Israel

Both sides are lead by barbarians who think of each others people as rabid dogs. They cheer whenever they kill kids of their opponents, gallons and oceans of blood never seams enough to quench the thrust of hate.

Amazing: These people fight for shit land, a desert that you can't grow a tomato on cause a bunch of con man way back when scribbled down a bunch of holly bull shit in an effort to control and dominate their followers. Today we have lots of pathetic stupid tribes that fight  for the honor of it's ancient con men

Those men, just like men today where after a nice peace of ass or two, a job with little work, and slaves to do everything for them, Bounce was to get the  followers to give them treasurer.

Personalty if the religious extremist for each religion, all religions,  got into a stadium and fought to the death with clubs and crowbars, up close and personal that would be a heavenly moment for me. Popcorn, hot dogs and beers. And hell just for fun we throw in some hot cheer leaders into the stadium.

Ladies and Gentlemen,  tonight we have the big fight:
MO vs MO 
Get your tickets here and save 5$ 

Mosses vs Mohammad.

Now go to the comments sections feel free to vent your hate, I will not censor shit. Have a ball selling why killing the kids from each others side is noble and justified. Only rule threats will be deleted. Calling each other cunts, mother fuckers, pedophiles cock suckers, shit heads, fagots, etc is fine with me.


Now go get each other !!!!!!

Show the world how right you are.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Dad Rocks

Today we celebrated Remembrance day.

I was at the nursing home to see mom and dad, dad needed a haircut so got the buzzer out and made him a 95 year old handsome devil again . 
Down stairs they had a shrine, with all the current vets in the home. My dad’s name was absent from the list, he has no medals, or awards or acknowledgment of his contribution.
He was a freedom fighter in the Serbian hills defending his home land, taking out and ambushing Nazi tanks and battalions. He and his buddies took out a lot of Nazi solders, and took prisoners and treated them humanly, our family and his old friends told me he was brilliant in the hills, mans man. He was captured and Spent 2 years in several concentration/labour camps making his way to Canada after his 3rd escape.

Hitler crushed entire Europe by September 1941. His troops were rushing toward Moscow seemingly invincible. At this, very moment of the peek of Hitler's power his troops were defeated in rebellious Serbia. Just look what united Serbs could do! This kind of site was impossible to see anywhere else in the world: long column of defeated, captured German Nazi soldiers. The prisoners are escorted through Uzice, central Serbia, by both Partisan and Chetnik troops.

Who knows what the hell he went through in the camps, he don’t remember but he was not the same man that left the family farm. When he was reunited with them in 86, they cried, did not know him to be brother that left.
I grew up with a loving dad, but no guidance. Not a bad thing either.
Today we had some vandal’s spray paint some crap on a vet memorial and a kid in London was arrested for burning a poppy. Outrageous yes, slap em in the face sure, but a crime, no.
The Irony, the very thing our guys gave up their lives for. Freedom, freedom of expression is slowly being taken away from us.
We now have hate crimes, output an expression that is overly offensive to religion and religious groups, or any other special interest group you’re going down on serious charges. Disgusting, our dads and grand fathers fought for that?
So to all the soldiers who made it back or didn’t in ww1 or ww2
I humbly honour you.
To the dead and injured in our volunteer mercenary empire building wars I respect you. And will wear a poppies for all.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Deception

Having writers blog. so lets do charts

OK bubble heads, so you all think BOC raises rates based on inflation. It's a bold faced lie, or perhaps the art of lying.

Charts from 2000 to present

Rates are based on employment numbers, labor pool shrinks, up they go and visa versa. No way the machine will allow a low level tax farm slaves trading time for money to get ahead. That's why I always push self employment.

Lets look at the UI rate since 2000. predictable right.

Now lets look at the interest rates

Now if we flip a chart, It fits like  Africa  and South America, meaning they are correlated, the rates follow the UI numbers.

Now lets put in the inflation numbers, you know where every main stream media says the BOC moves on inflation numbers.

Does not quite fit does it. 


Moral of the story, the machine works on behalf of business, not slave dogs. So why are you waiting to break the chains of slavery. Oh ya forgot, your teacher told you memorize, regurgitate, obey and you can be Someone.

Worker, Employee, Associate, Resource, Partner  all = SLAVE BITCH 

Now for the housing Market

Lets look at disposable income
and population growth
and the housing sector
See not so bad is it

Direction of interest rates

Trade Balance
and the Canadian Dollar

Yeah Carney's  going to spike rates.

See bubble heads, that's why I'm right 99% of the time, I have a brain. Now go study your thesaurus  and try and impress me with words. I make my bets with facts.

Now for Politics

Canadian External Debt
Western Man wont like his one.
Now tell me roughly where Harpo won the election. 
They call em selves Conservatives. Ha

Happy Halloween

Friday, October 12, 2012

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Done posting for a while, got to do some work.

Great News after 50 or so Publishers, FINALLY got one to open his wallet. Had to go to NYC

My book is going to rock, not happy about having to re write a few chapters. But life's a bitch.

Dead line DEC 1  In store Spring  2013

Got the title short listed to 3 sorry can't give it up , that 's all I need for one of you to copy write the title.

It's a spoof Success book.

 The publisher Loves it, we may even leave in the bad grammar and speeling in the education chapter.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Justice !!!!!!!!

This could be my daughter. A ha  teacher gets his.  "OUCH"  Love it

I had guy like this in grade 7.   I didn't have the guts of this little girl, I did it in stealth, sugar in his gas tank and 4 values on his tires snipped with side cutters.  This little girl will be someone when she grows up.

This guy even looks like my teacher, who failed me out of spite, had to endure days like this for two years.Then he and the principle send me to a vocational high school. where I scored almost 100% average.
Then they send me to a regular SS school. where I ave in the 90's. left 1/2  way  in Grade 12 and  became the best rivet bucker in the world.

Is it to late to sue.

Bravo kid. You made my year. :)

I know what happens to you next, it's going to be a rough go for a while,  the kids that where laughing at you in class, in later life you will find ways to make them slaves for you while you pay them poverty wages. all the while pretending to care for them.

This is how  entrepreneurs, ruthless politicians, and criminals  are born.

Monday, August 20, 2012


If one embarks on getting completely loser wasted just as you hand your car keys to someone, you should also unload all communication devises. 

The world after the 3rd glass, can't even describe what things look like after 15
Been suffering a 3 day hang over from consuming litre and a half of wine, and lost count of the amount Grappa shooters in very short time frame.

Also wear a helmet and avoid walking to close to hotel  hallway walls that have protruding light fixtures at approx. head level.

I have absolutely no idea what I said on Garths blog that got me deleted,  but thanks Garth.

Unfortunately , not having a censorship board managing my emails, and facebook posts well all I can say is I’m in the dog house yet again with the Fan-damily.

When that third eye comes out broadcasting things that are true that you should never say. Well shit happens.

Pointing out truths is far more dangerous than lying. Remember that kids.

So to all the butt kissing- Gartho- hero worshippers that chirped me on the weekend.

You will never learn the Move.It was going to be my next gift to you cowardly never risk a thing pretend armchair investors.

O and on RE in the GTA look at prices in London England (especially you LaughingCon)

Anyone have a link?

F-en Bubble Heads

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Destinology Buy or Sell outcome is predetermined

Visualize  a cold piece of steel, a blow torch. The torch is applied to the metal for one minute, then stop time dead in its tracks, atoms and electrons stop moving.

Everything in the universe is made up of atoms and electrons, electrons orbiting nucleus, attracted to each other in one way or another. The behave based on the surrounding other atoms and electrons. The environment is constantly in motion and has a predetermine trajectory.

Now when we analyse the metal, at the core of the heat source, the electrons are orbiting faster than the ones on the edges.

Our brains being made up of the same stuff, our thoughts and actions are a result of subatomic particles in motion. You reading this, forming an opinion,  commenting on the topic was set in motion long before the big bang, that cloud you see at the moment you see it, was destined to be there, at that time in that shape and size not single  extra or one less atom in its make up.

As troubling as humans find this idea, the mechanics of this are pure and cannot be changed, thoughts, actions and motion are just results of a sub atomic world interacting with each other. A world in motion.

Humans being are stupid knobs as they  believe  that they have some kind of control over there destiny.
Not a chance, less of course you invent a time machine and go back to the torch and remove it from the metal for a trillionth of a billionth of a  second. Humans give homage and respect to fools that can spell, memorize / regurgitate,  and collect certificates, and obediently follow orders, against their interests. They serve the machine without a revenge agenda.  Rebel grasshoppers spell like me. Don't feed the machine.

Now know one will believe a self confess'd master liar, but when I had my near death experience and  was taken on a tour of the universe, by a naked gorgeous angel in jet black stelletos, Becky.  who  introduced me to Albert Einstein crying in a winged chair on the dark side of the moon, crying cause he had no more puzzles to figure out.
I met with the voice, who allowed me to enter the universal consciousnesses consolidator too early after death, where I learned everything there is to know. What the voice did not calculate, guess he was hung over, was I was going to be revived with all this info. After my revival the bastard is still in my head, I promised I would not use this know all power to disrupt the the flow of atoms and electrons, anything else is fair game.

How many times have I been wrong, Those that follow me know of what I speak.

So I say why sweat the big, stuff Buy the House or sell the house. Save or Spend, Cower under a rock or Challenge fking god in a small boat in a thunder storm.

It don't matter.

Everything, every thought, every key stroke, every action is pre-determined by things too small to see that can not change motion or direction. Your success or failure is not in your control.

Any hot ladies want the wining lotto numbers?

Monday, August 13, 2012

CERN and it's effects on The Toronto Condo Market

PhD’s  = Paddle heads
RS = Rocket Scientist
ASS = Atom Smasher
BS = Dark Energy
The ASS smasher machine in CERN.  Staffed with the most brilliant Paddle Head minds the educational industrial  complex has created, computing power second to NSA 1.2 billion Utah data center currently being built the new supercomputing center to spy on everyone.  That’s why I developed for free. I hate the machine, how is this for a wrench in the gear box.
The RS were dumb founded few months ago when a little partial they shot appeared to be faster than light. Perhaps it wasn’t faster than light but the speed of light slowed down due to universal shrinkage, less mass means speed of light is slower, Mc2 smaller, and E is greater.

The RS uniformly believe that galaxies are being pushed away from each other, and  in some cases at the speed of light.  Did any one of these dudes ever consider how much a fking planet actually weighs. And the amount of energy it would take to even move it one billionth of a cm off an orbit. Now let’s factor in the sun, the planets in our solar system, hell let’s do the entire milky way. Lets move it 1 Trillionth, billionth  of a cm.  We all pushing yet.  
The Paddle Heads explanation is there is this invisible stuff we can’t see, that comes from nowhere they call it: Dark Energy. I Call it BS (Dark Energy really means  “I need more  funding from tax farm slaves.”)   E=mc2  or Mc2=E  same thing.

Universal Shrinkage For the rocket scientist
Now the Nuke Bomb proves we can convert Mass to Energy, A nuke uses highly enriched fuel fast ass electrons that react quickly so,  boom, light, then mushroom cloud , the shows over. 
And we know that the big bang created mass out of energy. How did the energy of all the mass in the universe start off as the size of an atom?  Come on PHD’s did that thought ever make it into your coconut. Or is it just something you expect cause you read in a text book.
Bubble Heads what do you think is more probable.
A: An Invisible nothing we can’t see that no one knows how it's created, while pushing galaxies that are heavy as shit away from each other at the speed of light.. Ba hahahahahaha is all I have to say.
B: Like the A bomb but much slower,  regular mass is slowly being converted to energy naturally. This energy is being sucked into the black hole within each universe’s centre, mass is shrinking , the observer looking at the nearest galaxies thinks it moving away when in fact it’s shrinking. The further out the faster it appears to be moving away. Scale effect.An optical illusion of epic proportions. And as this happens the density of the black hole increases, the black holes in each galaxy are slowly being attracted to each other. Until one day way off  into the future with no mass left  to suck, all the black holes attracted to each other via increasing gravity collide and eat each other till there is only one, their can be only one,(Highlander)  which condenses  smaller and smaller down to the size of an atom, then just as its about to become nothing, BA  BOOM,  BIG BANG number 278903838.
Kind of like condo market,  Expansion, Contraction Expansion, Contraction.
I know one thing for sure  much better chance of B than A
Dark Energy,  Please