Friday, January 29, 2016

I could not.

This dude is sitting in my Booth at Seneca tonight.

99% of the population would have security remove him.
I'm not in the 99%

Beers are on me..he never started out like that. Shit happens. 

His name is Richard,  he only wants a water. Beauty.  Only one water for his story.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bit of Chapter 4

Chapter 4
Dinging Down the House.

There we were, the four of us waiting for the elevator door to open. Each of us with ten thousand dollars of disposable fun and a complete mistrust of each other.

The elevator ding-er dings twice, "That's ours" I said.
Ashman blurts out. "How do you know it's going down?"

Barrington chimes in. "Every elevator in the world works this way, the only thing humans ever got right. Most humans are oblivious to one ding for up, two dings for down you ding ailing. We are in the penthouse, the top floor, what are you even doing on this mission."

We get on the elevator.
On the ride down Barrington’s face is buried in his smart phone doing an ancestral search on Hugo. Ashman now in a real foul mood after another insult, and Jeremiah still not sure if I was telling the truth, wondering if I'm going to kill him the second he turns his back. What is wrong with me, I should be worried about him killing me, because he thinks I'll be killing him. Relationships are complicated. We reach the casino level.
The elevator door opens mirrors everywhere as we step off.

Barrington shouts out and stops me dead in my tracks. "Smokey, this is very interesting, farthest I can go back regarding Hugo’s ancestors. His great, great grandmother's name is Jduka Mandic, the Father's name is Milutin, can't make out his last name. Jduca was born in 1822 in Croatia, Milutin was a Serbian Orthodox Preacher.

"Wonderful." I said.

We're in Vegas, we have a shit load of loot, supernatural powers, big dicks, and professor British accent is still working. Fuck. Where did I go wrong as commander?
"Smokey, remember the scouting expedition we sent here in 1810. Remember the crash of the second generation Titan-370-star ship?" Barrington said.

"Yes I do Remember, how could I ever forget the missing pilot's name, Shlong Zinger.” I said.
Yes, and it crashed five miles from the town of Smiljan. Close proximity to where Jduka and Milutin where born, Shlong Zinger could easily be Jduka or Milutin's Father. "He said.

"I think you're onto something, good work, keep digging lad. But dude, it's Friday night man, we're in Las Vegas with a shit load of loot. Enough work already, it's time to party. “I said. 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

One more Millionaire

A note for a new Millionaire Greater Fool Blog Dog. His P & L
If this shit keeps up No one to shine my shoes.

Smokey, my man.  I took the advice you were dispensing for free on GF and your own blog back in March.  I opened a $100k demo AvaTrade account.  At first, I had no f---in clue what exactly I was all sorts of pairs....JUST TO LEARN THE SYSTEM.  Then I decided to only ever trade USDCAD.  I spent exactly 3 months learning....practicing like crazy...up til 4 or 5 am every night, then off to the tax farm at 9:30am.  Wife hated me, and you, and this "game" I was playing.  She thought of it like a video game or something.  Funny how wives can say the darndest things, eh? I also kept reading your comments on GF and your blog.  Took your batman, camel toe advice and applied it.  Worked out pretty well.  Have a look at the screen shot I sent.  I had some scary moments, but some thrilling ones too, netted $440k on the December Fed hike alone.  I really hit my stride when I predicted the July BoC hike, though...caught most people by surprise, that one.  But then again, most people are part of the herd.  I keep thinking to myself "this shit's not so hard....just be on the right side of the trade, that's all."  

Now don't get me wrong....I've been a keen economic observer and avid reader of economic and financial news., and geopolitics for about 13 to 14 I'm not a novice in that realm.  But I never really had a outlet in which I could apply the knowledge and insights I was coming up with to make money.  Until I read your comments about currency trading.

Can I make it my day job?  Don't know....part of me says I need to start doing technical trading to do it for a living, part of me says it's not actually a thing you can make consistent money on. Plus, technical trading can mess with your head and mess with your flow.  It's better to be an ignorant Neanderthal who's a natural with the ladies than to get a dating coach and get bogged down focusing on posture, eye contact, voice tone, colour coordination of belt and shoes, what she meant when she said xyz, and other technicals.  That's the difference between understanding overall trends and economic fundamentals vs. focusing on technicals.

So instead of daily technical trading, I'll go for a once-in-a-while big bang approach when a currency gyration is subtly telegraphed in advance to those who have the experience and ability to analyze the economic painting being drawn by the machine.

Thanks so much Smokey, you've changed my family's life.  My wife even likes you now, believe it or not.  But she still hates that she has nobody to stuff her feet against in the bed when they feel cold at 2:30am

p.s. I've been reading your shit on GF since like 2010.  Keep it up.

Forgot to mention....I spent 3 months learning on the Demo account and then opened a live Ava Trade account in June....gave me ~3-4 weeks to prep for the July BoC decision.

I haven't withdrew any of the funds there anything I should know about withdrawing from an Ava account?  Any hiccups or restrictions they impose, or difficulties they put you through??

Thanks again dude.  If I ever see you, or someone who looks like what I think you look like, at Seneca, free cigar on me.

Friday, January 8, 2016

New Millionare

Had a fellow blog dog who is a Huge Smoking Man fan contact me back in Jun.

He asked what I use to trade Forex. Told him, I said it was dangerous if don't know what you're doing, Open a demo account a practice for 2 years. or you will get crushed.

So much for listening to me,

He opened an account with 10k, built it up to over 100k, then started betting big.

I gave him a few tips with the understanding that when I publish my book, he's to buy it, then lie his ass off in the book review and say it was great.

Never heard from him again until a few minutes ago, he sent me these. pics...

Congrats  JHD on your first Million. Cash it out, never do this again. You were lucky.

This is his live trade blotter.