Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Deception

Having writers blog. so lets do charts

OK bubble heads, so you all think BOC raises rates based on inflation. It's a bold faced lie, or perhaps the art of lying.

Charts from 2000 to present

Rates are based on employment numbers, labor pool shrinks, up they go and visa versa. No way the machine will allow a low level tax farm slaves trading time for money to get ahead. That's why I always push self employment.

Lets look at the UI rate since 2000. predictable right.

Now lets look at the interest rates

Now if we flip a chart, It fits like  Africa  and South America, meaning they are correlated, the rates follow the UI numbers.

Now lets put in the inflation numbers, you know where every main stream media says the BOC moves on inflation numbers.

Does not quite fit does it. 


Moral of the story, the machine works on behalf of business, not slave dogs. So why are you waiting to break the chains of slavery. Oh ya forgot, your teacher told you memorize, regurgitate, obey and you can be Someone.

Worker, Employee, Associate, Resource, Partner  all = SLAVE BITCH 

Now for the housing Market

Lets look at disposable income
and population growth
and the housing sector
See not so bad is it

Direction of interest rates

Trade Balance
and the Canadian Dollar

Yeah Carney's  going to spike rates.

See bubble heads, that's why I'm right 99% of the time, I have a brain. Now go study your thesaurus  and try and impress me with words. I make my bets with facts.

Now for Politics

Canadian External Debt
Western Man wont like his one.
Now tell me roughly where Harpo won the election. 
They call em selves Conservatives. Ha

Happy Halloween

Friday, October 12, 2012

Smoking Man's Pic

The wait is over, meet the smoking man.

For You Old Man

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Done posting for a while, got to do some work.

Great News after 50 or so Publishers, FINALLY got one to open his wallet. Had to go to NYC

My book is going to rock, not happy about having to re write a few chapters. But life's a bitch.

Dead line DEC 1  In store Spring  2013

Got the title short listed to 3 sorry can't give it up , that 's all I need for one of you to copy write the title.

It's a spoof Success book.

 The publisher Loves it, we may even leave in the bad grammar and speeling in the education chapter.