Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Some times you're the fly. But the machine is always the windsheild

Recap of my stunning predictions on www.Greaterfool.ca

Since I been blogging I called interest rates will never go up Cha Ching. 10 year bond at the lowest in history.

Last fall I called a stunning spring market regarding real estate in GTA Cha Ching

I called the go with throttle up(disaster coming) around May 1st last highs of the TSE  market. Cha Ching.

In the spring I called the re market insane past my expectations.I said the machine and MSM would bombard gloom and doom re real estate  stories till balance between buyers and sellers was restored.

Well that day happened yesterday, as a gracious blogger at GF pointed out a surge of 82% listings in GTA.

Now today RBC was the first out of the gate with No bubble here.others to follow in the next few days.
The talking down of the market was a success,  now we have a balanced market of supply and demand.

LaughingCON will call me a Realtor, Realtard.  But I'm not.

I'm a  fking  brilliant observer of the obvious that the masses have had stripped out by the educational industrial complex.

We will see a balanced tug of war  MSM reports that will focus on keeping the market balanced.

Why is all this happening now.

Because next year when Carney has to drop the overnight rate after the EURO gets flushed. Carney does not want to create a situation where the tax farm slaves revolt and ask for a raise.

The machine has taken 30 years to slowly push your labor credits and productivity gains to the investment class, they aint going to give it up with out a fight.

LaughingCON I have fully profiled you, wasn't easy with your robo postings. You are a weak man, two things you don't have that can easily control and manipulate you, 
1st is a vagina with a functioning life support system, Second, a gig that pays better than 11 bucks an hour. 

Why is it I despise you so much, calling me a Realtor?  Nope. been called worse ask Linda Patterson. 
the mean spirited and vengeful  stuff you said about  your sister on the G and M. 

Her crime, buying a house, making a profit and being generally happy. Forget nasty crash You'er one  Nasty Brother.


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