Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Massive new construction in USA

Chart says it all..... MSM The Stats Depth. All In hoping to get herd to Buy..
Might work as long as no one sees this chart. OR digs to deep....
HOME DEPOT posting amazing sales after Lowes told the truth, Increasing Dividend and buying shares back....
It's now 1 hour 45 min since the BS was unloaded and ITB dropping fast after the gap up.......


  1. hey SM, is your wife ok?

    1. Waiting for results from tests. But if I stop posting, here and on gf, it ain't good..

  2. Hey SM - I'm trying to understand your point with the whole housing thing - yes the media is promoting it. I hate to look stupid but wouldn't the performance of building related companies (HD/Lowe's) confirm this? I'm very distrusting of media and generally do the opposite of what they are pushing so I just want to understand your thinking and learn.