Thursday, March 7, 2013

Freedom Defined

Freedom is not Money or Treasure you own, it is not having a gun and being free to walk the streets and do what ever you want. 


Most live in the matrix not cognisant in the slightest of their enslavement to fit in . As humans we look at history and the tragedies of the past. The Jones town massacre, here was a leader who had total control of his followers, he made them give the poison to the kids and drink the rest themselves.

When people worship anything but themselves they are in danger. They can easily be manipulated aggressively, or passively. You worship a god, a celebrity, a govt leader, an activist, a rock star, an Alex Jones or even an Alien. You are not free….You are owned by the machine, spin it all you want, if you are not the centre of your own universe, you are nothing...........

For true freedom is attitude and self-worth. YOU must come first before all else……..Why is this concept of super self love so looked down on by teachers, society , parents, and peers. They invented a word for it, Narcissist, but then again they invent words all the time so as to avoid debate, A (Critical Thinker) is now a Conspiracy Theorist.

They want you disarm you with a word because they have no weapons to fight someone like you.

They all swallowed cool aid, they live in the machines matrix.

They don’t know that another beautiful universe exists outside of it. They follow the rules and the script someone wrote for them. They are fearful of being judged and evaluated in a negative light, they will buy and do dumb things. They seek acceptance at all costs……..Real Estate, Beamers,etc

A free man does not seek acceptance,. he spits at it…

The most fantastic thing a human can do is walk up to a mirror, look at your refection and say. I am the best one in the world, no one is better than me, and if people don’t like the way you are, you consider them scum beneath your toe nails, not worthy of a fraction of a second of your time.

Freedom my friends is Love thy self before all else….and if some of you ever get there, not likely, you will know what freedom really is…….

Not saying you should yell profanities out at all the dumb track 6ers from track5 , be humble in public, but have a zillion megaton nuke bomb of pride inside. and always be ready to pounce on opportunities.

True Freedom is all about attitude. Look at me, I can't write worth a shit, grammar, what grammar. Does it stop me expressing myself, do I hide that fact and cower in fear of being judged negatively . Hell No!! Not a chance. Nothing gives me a bigger thrill than when the schooled chirp me about it. They live in someone Else's movie, play a character that's not natural to them.  In my world I write the script, produce the episodes, and am the lead actor in every scene....It's my movie. and if you don't like it  tough shit.

When people say, Old Man, Beach Girl, and Smoking Man are the say they jump to that conclusion because they recognise we all share something in common, and its not a key board. We love our selves and are not afraid to show it. 

We are free..............................and waiting for others to join us....


  1. SM:

    You sure that is the way Jonestown happened? Or is that the matrix telling you how it played out?

    Once you realize you are in the matrix, you are half way out.

    “Don’t believe them, don’t fear them, don’t ask anything of them.” -Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    If you need info for wife, lmk.

    1. Who knows, less you see it with your own eyes live, everything else is agenda driven.

  2. No one is truly free, we are all slaves. As long as you are breathing you are a slave. A slave to food, water, air...needs whether physical, mental, or spiritual or otherwise.

    Slaves to our passions and agenda, our hidden motives, to our evil nature, our corrupt mind. Slaves to a higher authority and forces we do not understand and in out ignorance we try to explain it away with fuzzy logic.

    Think about that for a while SM, take that in your pipe and smoke it.

    As for what happened in Jonestown, I was there I saw it with my own eyes, I was born in Guyana South America where it took place. In the NE region of the country in a town called Matthews Ridge that is where Jim Jones had his temple in the jungles of Guyana. That shit really happened, whole families lying together hugging each other dead on the jungle floor. Little children given the cyanide by their parents as cool-aid. A horrible sight to behold.

    Yes no one is free, only the dead is FREE.

    1. Nice post and so true.... But some slaves more comfortable than others...

  3. Your are right on that SM. I enjoy reading your post you sound very intelligent and wise, I found this place from Garth's blog.

    I enjoy reading your post, some are insightful and some not but who am I to judge anyone, I am a mere mortal trying to find my purpose here.

    We all are aren't we?

    Happy Friday to you, I am having a cold Molsen Canadian my favorite drink.


    1. Glad you enjoy it, just try and show by example that you can succeed in life if you don't take yourself to seriously and know the queen, the celebrity s and all the people the track6ers worship, they're shit stinks too.

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