Friday, May 24, 2013

Ramping up my trades

Up 11k using no more than 20k in two months.

As you can see when I transitioned to larger bets few weeks ago I lost at first, you need to have a tolerance for loss. On a 10 lot that's one million in play, getting into the trade you are in the hole 250 bucks. As soon as you click buy or sell. So being down 200 on a 1 lot, is down 2000 on 10 lot. Once I got use to it, I was patient rode the loses till they became profitable, I also found an amazing way to play..


I will tell you how to do it..

My fee 3 beers at the Duke... :)


  1. I thought you were giving up your bad habits...

    No matter, I'm a long way from the Duke.

  2. Should have said cut back on my bat habits.

  3. Jimmi question:

    What if, SOMEONE schools you better would you give out half of a single bottle of beer from the 3 that you request?!

    Drinks on me anyways,


    P.S.: 'I am up only 24k for the month anyways.
    and up only 78k since the beggineng of the year. Will show you in person at the duke on thursday. GET READY to rock and roll! Renters(ladies) on you, open bar on me. or otherwise.


    1. Ha, my bar tab can go a lot further than you think, rental is a fixed price, out of town on Thurs next wee better.

  4. By the way are you using a Meta4 Trader platform??

    I use something called ForexPro platform

    there are 2 differences:
    1.on the meta4 you can hedge on the same accoun
    2. you can add other stock/option portofolios or custom indicators/robots (wich i never use)

    i stick to the forexpro platform

    suits me best (colour wise) lol

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