Friday, June 14, 2013

3 Months Trading Forex

No bad, expecting to double my money in one year
No guts no glory


  1. Hey, you're up, that's what counts!

    Looks like there was some pain between trades 163-171 or so.

    1. More surprise than pain, down 14 k in one day. Put huge trade on at about midnight, after 4 glasses of wine, wanted to bet Usdcad put on Gpbusd.

      My call was perfect re direction except wrong pair... Lol

  2. Well you seem to recover quickly. Your progress is pretty linear according to the chart, but when you fuck up your recovery's are parabolic. You must get really determined or something.

    I suggest beer for trading. That's what I've been drinking.

  3. food for thought-
    why can't teachers fail a student.-because if they were to fail they might just drop out and not complete their obedience certificate.
    boys in the usa, 20% on ritalin-much easier to get compliance and complete obedience school.
    lyrics from hyperactive-thomas dolby
    At the tender age of three
    I was hooked to a machine
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    Ha! Must have took me for a fool
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    Penny Henny


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