Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My up coming book. Yes that's me.

The Loser’s Lounge

The Ultimate Success Guide Book

Back cover of book!

Who should not BUY this book?

·       People with strong religious convictions.

·       People that believe University makes you smart.

·       People that love to follow rules and play fair.

·       People that expect perfect grammar and spelling in a book.

·       People offended by fucking profanity.

·       People that love teachers, pats on the head and pleasing.

·       People that read books everyday, fuck you’re annoying.

·       People that blush when talking about kinky sex.

·       People that don’t lie, think it’s bad rather than an Art.

·       People that believe the news.

·       People that don’t like getting hammered and high.

Now that I have excluded 95% of my market and the population lets get down to business and make some loot. Let’s face it, we need bitches, and dumb down monkeys to shine our shoes, wash our cars, and serve our meals and work for us. Society needs peasants.  Not everyone has what it takes to be the owner.

Not everyone can become a Smoking Man!

FIRST Paragraph

How are words invented?

Cunt! One of the most repugnant words in society today. That word congers up all kinds of crazy images in ones head. Where do words like cunt come from? How many of you have asked yourselves that question? Was it invented by a dude who went down on his lady, only to discover she had one bad ass yeast infection, that dripping smelly monster with three eyes was five times the size of a grape fruit while pulsating and squirting out massive chunks of Technicolor slime, he must have just snap his head back almost ripping it off his shoulders and screamed out CUNT!!!!.  

I give you, the birth of a word.

Now that I have scared off every bible thumping, politically correct tree hugging mommas boys and girls lets get down to the business of making money the real way, my audience is down to 5% hopefully.


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