Sunday, December 15, 2013

Doing Book Here

I'm witting the book right here. I need an audience even if it's only a few 10 to 100 a day. I can't type into a dead word doc. I fucking can't. Few sentence's a day.Ya lets try it this way. It aint working the other way.
Dogs get it for free-----WooHoo

My Book. ........................................

The Loser's Lounge

The walls of my world are squeezing against my rib cage from all the three dimensions, I can't inhale or exhale. My only escape is to finish the bottle as fast as I can and stop thinking. Thinking is bad. 

My life would be a lot less complicated if I  could find some resealable excuse for fitting in, the need for acceptance is a life sentence in a small windowless cage void of light.

Being completely insane is my protection it is the only way to escape and be free from the influences of the marketing wizardry of the soul sucking vampires all taking stabs at owning my belief system and turning me into a slave.. 

And when you are on the ground gasping for your last breaths, pleading and begging for help.

They just step on your face and when one starts others follow,  it then becomes consensus, and even more join into the fun and now everyone is putting the boots to your face.

There are no good men in the world. Just fools. 

Nature has a system. You're are either predictor or prey. You are the meal or the guy who shits you out.

Now your teacher would never teach you that because they weren't taught the laws of nature.

They are robots making robots who make other robots that make robots.

They are the first to have access and programming rights to the biological hard drives of brand new computers we call four year old's. They get the first crack to shape the belief system. Memorize regurgitate, hard work, servitude, home work, sacrifice, obedience, humbleness, gratitude, honesty is all need to be successful.

(WHAT in a globalized world. Are these people insane.)

No it's not, not even close, those characteristics are slavery.  At leased the black slaves in the south knew they where slaves. Our present day kids, mom's dad's have no idea they are slaves.

To add insult to injury when they go to university they pay and pay huge, mom and dad are convinced  by consensus that they are doing the best thing for the kids.

I can Google then download software which allows me to design small aircraft to airliners for Christ sake's. It's free.

People can't think anymore. At the height of the financial crises the best selling book at the time was the secrete, It taught,  just will your good fortune and it will come. Ha diffident quite work out did it.

You got learn to hunt, the world is a smaller place, competition everywhere alpha's rule. They always have 2000 years ago they went with names like Jesus, Moses, Mohamed. Humans evolved a bit. Then it was kings and queens. Then we discovered democracy with elected leaders. And now we have the back room boys, those are the dudes you want to be friends with. They are the Smoking Men. They are the ones that can turn your life into instant prosperity or destroy you.

The first step is to start a business.


  1. You are teaching people to try to be smoking men. Thus, protecting them against smoking men. You are trying to teach people how to think. Good luck. Trying to teach how to think for a long time.

    I gave you an interesting.

    1. Hey dude it's been awhile.

      I agree with you, I can preach this all day long I'm going to get through to anyone. But If I can inspire just one kid who grows some balls, starts a company makes it huge. An gives me a wee node getting the order of Canada that will be worth it to me for all the years of typing this shit.

      I have a mental disorder.


      Teaching people this stuff will get you ridiculed.


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