Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Nectonite

Smoking in a non smoking room. 

In the second pic Can anyone spot a smoking man.

In the 3rd pick. I give you:


Blithe Barrington

Charles Ashman

Jeremiah Jones


  1. SM,

    I tried posting this to Garth's attention but he is not allowing it:

    From Marketwatch - "How the stock market destroyed the middle class "

    Amazing chart on the "Net issuance of corporate equities – Nonfinancial Corporate Business"

    Garth, any comments!

    Perhaps you can try to ask for an explanation of the miraculous balanced portfolios returns he keep pushing on his blog.

    And BTW I have personally seen NLO

    The LaughingCON
    Die realtors, die!

  2. We all like to break rules and do what is prohibited. That is smoking in non-smoking room. You are brave ;) I am brave too as I smoke my favorite Marlboro Micro in a park where smoking is prohibited!

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