Saturday, November 28, 2015

Groupies at Senica

Poor souls have no idea,  it's broken...




    Strong is a eugenicist, and wanted to depopulate the world. Kill the middle class so that he and his ilk can have more. But had to run away when his avarice got the better of him. And people cottoned onto his garbage.

  3. In response to you blaming teachers for this mess we're in... I partially agree.

    I'd take it further and point it to the government/school boards for not allowing kids to fail. All they do is pass them with these false sense of pride and being correct and can never tell them 'you're a fkin idiot' without being slapped by the union/board for not being 'sensitive' enough. They coming into the world with a false sense of justice and think they're the hottest pieces of shit in the world. Then they get into the real world and wonder why the hell things aren't all hugs kisses and roses.

    Kids these days want more (great!) but they don't understand that it's through failures are you able to find your success... this is coming from a 27 y/o... oh well.

    Just means I need to find a product to sell to the herd so I can make a killing of their stupidity. Then get taxed to death by the wack job socialists.



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