Sunday, March 20, 2016


When the signs say no smoking steel an ashtray


  1. Host Garth is getting grumpy...

    I may need you help, not for me my addictions work for me. I’m running out of moves to keep Mrs Smokey from being in an frustrated man hating mood.

    Well threesomes with the mrs smokey man!! could be engagin.. but no, no…. far too many references to swords and knives with her… she clearly defends her beastly stud…tight leash for the slot machine provider I’m finding

    This must be an age problem… but viagra, copius amounts of booze, and endless cigarettes is not to be recommended

    She needs a cabana pool boy.. I’m sure you won’t mind given the rentals…did you not just buy a cottage…. a lawn boy.. a hot gardener… yes yes this could be good as she would then ease off on the chain and release the studly smokey man… for free rein on the party alien ship

    She needs a pool boy! it has worked for me I tell ya!!…. – then she will unleash you!

    “And here’s to you, Mrs. Smokey Man,
    Jesus loves you more than you will know.
    God bless you, please Mrs. Smokey Man.”