Thursday, July 28, 2016

RIP Daddy

Got to report with great sadness that my dear old dad just shy of 99 pasted away at around 7:15 pm on July 27th during a passing thunderstorm. What is it with Serbians and thunderstorms.

He was born 1918 son of a farmer in Serbia near Belgrade.  Hardworking his entire life, after his third attempt he finally succeeded at escaping a Nazi Prison Camp and made his way to Canada as a refuge via Halifax.

He built a great life here and met Helen his true love. They were married in Oct 1958, almost exactly 9 months later I made it into the world.

From skating and hockey practice, he was always there. Many trips to center Island when the only thing on the skyline was the Royal York Hotel. He never judged or ridiculed, he was just a beacon of love that gave me tremendous strength and character.

To this day I have absolutely no recollection of him ever rising his voice, showing any anger, or violence whatsoever to anyone. Wait, that's not true. Big Yaya, the mother in-law. Well that don't count,  she could get under anyone's skin, and she was well loved too. 

Yesterday before he went to search for Helen, his nurse at the nursing home kept telling him your going to see Helen soon.  His eyes were shut but he smiled every time he heard the word Helen. Do to ridiculous traffic on the 427 I made it to his room moments after he passed. He was smiling.

He was a kind sweet man who loved his wife, his son, daughter in-law and grand kids dearly. He went out of his way help anyone with his time and labor.  He was a beauty, and the world lost a great man.

Rest In Peace Dad, I do see the resemblance of our late relative.


  1. My condolences SM. I put sh-t cause well... it sucks. but its good he was able to go in peace and had a smile on his face.


  2. Nice tribute. RIP and may he enjoy the wonders of the next world.

  3. Sorry for the passing of your dad, Smokey. From everything you've written about him he sounds like one heck of a great guy (your mom, too).

    - Interstellar Old Yeller

  4. My heartfelt condolences, Smokey : (


  6. my deepest sympathy smoking man my heart is with
    you girl

  7. condolences.....

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  8. I do see the resemblance of our late relative.


    right. Nicola Tesla.

    link for proof?

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