Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Deception

Having writers blog. so lets do charts

OK bubble heads, so you all think BOC raises rates based on inflation. It's a bold faced lie, or perhaps the art of lying.

Charts from 2000 to present

Rates are based on employment numbers, labor pool shrinks, up they go and visa versa. No way the machine will allow a low level tax farm slaves trading time for money to get ahead. That's why I always push self employment.

Lets look at the UI rate since 2000. predictable right.

Now lets look at the interest rates

Now if we flip a chart, It fits like  Africa  and South America, meaning they are correlated, the rates follow the UI numbers.

Now lets put in the inflation numbers, you know where every main stream media says the BOC moves on inflation numbers.

Does not quite fit does it. 


Moral of the story, the machine works on behalf of business, not slave dogs. So why are you waiting to break the chains of slavery. Oh ya forgot, your teacher told you memorize, regurgitate, obey and you can be Someone.

Worker, Employee, Associate, Resource, Partner  all = SLAVE BITCH 

Now for the housing Market

Lets look at disposable income
and population growth
and the housing sector
See not so bad is it

Direction of interest rates

Trade Balance
and the Canadian Dollar

Yeah Carney's  going to spike rates.

See bubble heads, that's why I'm right 99% of the time, I have a brain. Now go study your thesaurus  and try and impress me with words. I make my bets with facts.

Now for Politics

Canadian External Debt
Western Man wont like his one.
Now tell me roughly where Harpo won the election. 
They call em selves Conservatives. Ha

Happy Halloween


  1. You are aware that disposable income on that chart has jack shit to do with what most of us consider to be disposable income, right?
    It counts everything left to us after the government picks our pockets as disposable income.

  2. AnonymousOctober 31, 2012 11:02 PM

    Not only your pockets brother.

    Fuckers!!!!! it is what it is.

  3. Enjoy your posts on the Gartho blog. Now this. I just added this to my faves. You could Cut an paste some of your previous posts to Gartho here like your bully post and working for you're self formula. Just a thought. Looking forward to the book.

    Cheers, Cigar Goop

  4. Hahahahahahaha

    In the last 20 years we created a fake industry with the main beneficiaries parasites like you. In mid 90s they were 20,000 people like your friend Garth in the whole USA. By 2006 they were over half a million and God knows how many are there now.
    And to make the matter worst the millions of public servants jumped an demanded equal pay as the parasites in the private sector (where private sectors means only the financial one - not cashiers in Walmart or burger-flippers in McD). And they got their lavish pay and obscene benefits.

    Now the dwindling wealth creators have to have their blood sucked by a monstrous parasites sectors - and I suspect we are near the time where some head will start to be chopped off again.
    Strange coincidence with the Mayan - end of the worlds as we know it.

    Hahahahahah. The mighty LaughingCon

  5. You're not LaughingCon

    He ends every post with It's going to be a nasty crash reactors a nasty crash.

    Nice try :)

  6. Hey Smoking Man - been following you for a while now and believe 100% of what you are saying. I don't want to be a 'RUB' anymore (Rightside Up and Broke). I know the mentality I need to learn. I have awakened from the matrix. But I need to re-learn everything and learn how to think RIGHT. Will you teach me? I'd love to meet and buy you a coffee. Let me know.

    By the way, I believe 100% of what you are saying regarding interest rates - they won't do what benefits consumers, just companies. However, have you taken into account that the CPI numbers they publish are in fact fictitious? They deliberately downplay price increases by omitting: fruits, gas, mortgages etc. They also substitute things like hamburger meat instead of steak in order to show smaller increases. Here is a website I frequent that attempts to show the real CPI numbers:

    Just wanted to get your thoughts on this. I think a healthy distrust of government is a good thing and I never believe the statistics they publish (too many hidden agendas).

  7. Jeremy November 1, 2012 10:15 PM
    Welcome to the machine.
    Prefer Booze vs coffee.

    Anonymous November 1, 2012 1:18 AM
    Next year for the book, adding 2 more chapters,
    1) The femeninization of the western man
    2) Monsters, things that bleed for 4 days and don't die. LOL

  8. ok I can take you out for drinks instead. any thoughts on my points regarding CPI though?

    also, I've been contacting dozens of businesses for sale as I am taking your point to heart. I want my cash working for me, not the other way. I'd be interested in hearing what you think about various opportunities I have available and if you think they are smart investments.

  9. CPI is not relevant, fudged or real. Central banks move rates on labor
    pool and the new one for Canada, Trade balance related to currency.

    Jeremy email me, we can meet up later in the week

  10. It’s going to be a NASTY crash realtors, a NASTY crash!

    Hahahahahah. The mighty LaughingCon

    1. The machine loves inflation. You make inflation bets and win.

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