Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Who want's to be a zillionare

It takes a bull shit artist to spot one....My specialty......

So the stats office MSM and Goldman say housing rebound full speed ahead........

USA housing market is on fire, the housing index shooting up, naturally companies like Lowes and Home Depot should confirm. Right....... Herd should be hunting for properties and mortgages.Right
Saving the best chart for last.......Batman

Welcome low life scum sucking vermin to the mind of the Great Crazy Smoking Man. why do I do this shit for free....
Spotted forming south of lake Ontario
click on charts for bigger view...

Exhibit A 
If the USA housing market was on fire why is the herd not caught on yet, from Google trends, forecast out to 2013 Key word, mortgages and MLS.

Exhibit B  Home Depot Financials. Notice a Trend tax farm slaves?

Exhibit Smoking Gun  anyone catch the second ear of batman forming on the upper right by the yellow price....if that second ear gets drawn.......Zillionare time for those of you that still have big balls.....No need to say more..Well there is.

It might keep going up, but if it don't SHORT THE BITCH..... weird world we live in. Stats and MSM say Canada housing to crash, but the herd keeps pushing it up.

USA MSM and govt stats says housing surging, and the herd pushing it down........

Ahhhh only the bull shitters win in today's world. That's why I do it...............


  1. From now on, I'm only posting comments here instead of the Greater Tool, I mean, Greater Fool. Garth Turner claims to have just under 473,000 visits a month. I broke it down to this:

    I visit at least 10 per post, (to see updates and rebuttals, back page from links posted, etc. Heck, let's make it 12 per post)

    Failed Politician posts 6 times per week

    6 posts x12 visits= 72 visits per week
    4 weeks x 72 visits = 288 visits per month, just by myself

    So let's round up the numbers for simplicity.

    He claims to get 473,000 visits per month. If I'm the average viewer and I'm visiting 300 times per month, it works out he's getting about 1600 individuals per month visiting his site. Heck, let's say it 2,000 people per month, who cares? You get my point.

    He claims to be this great moderator, post whatever, everything is cool as long as it isn't offensive, racist, whatever. But in reality, you come close to bruising his sensitive ego, he ain't going to publish your comment.

    The guy has the confidence of a midget.

    1. Garth, the king of doom and gloom.
      little prick if you ask me.

  2. So start your own blog and put your ideas out there - you can have a truly democratic and free thinking blog by posting anything and everything. You'll get all sorts of deviants posting random BS. Then you have to censor and block a few dimwits. Others may attack you and not agree with your point, then you're entering the grey zone when it's not so black and white. And in the large grey zone you choose which side you lean on.

    Blogs are for their authors to do as they choose to get their message, ideas or points across - your choice to agree/disagree.

    SM - good work. HD is getting ripe if that price breaks $60

  3. Suede ya but be careful, the housing stats are bull shit but the herd is starting to buy it which means it may become a self filling profacy....

    Markets walked, right now, equities surging, bond surging... Makes no sense, it like the fed printed trillion bucks and is buying bonds and equities. Wtf is all I got to say

  4. AnonymousJanuary 23, 2013 at 9:59 AM

    One day Gartho was asleep at the wheel and published a link to this blog, it got 2000 unic hits in a single day. His numbers are probably accurate.

    I don't know why he censors certain things... Example my post yesterday where I said I should get some freinds.................. The horror.. He cut out the horror, I was being funny, don't know why he does stuff like that....

  5. AnonymousJanuary 23, 2013 at 9:59 AM

    Also I have a bit of a drinking problem, some of my best posts have been wine induced, and some really bad ones that could get me in a lot of trouble..

    Gartho don't publish those, so as much as I am tempted to chirp him, and chirp I can, I feel a sense of gratitude, I never chirp folk that are good to me.

    But I see where you are coming from...

  6. Start shortin IYR in the US if you bear.

    1. IYR not ready for a short just yet, second ear drawn but needs to drop, defiantly has potential, I will keep an eye on it...


  7. Hey smokey:
    Whatever happened to your call on ERF? You were going to "ride it back up"? Still down a lot from that point eh? I've lost on that one too.
    At first I thought you were an idiot. Then I thought you were a fake. Then I thought you were just a flake. Then I realized if I cut through the fog, you have some good points to make. Keep up the good work. MD. (now am I a doctor or are those my initials?)

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