Thursday, January 3, 2013

Chapter 1

A  drunken Richard Large standing on rail of the George Washington bridge wind and hard rain  blowing his long coat horizontally while he listening to his cars speakers not 3 feet away The thud of the speakers screaming  out goodbye cruel world I'm leaving you today (Floyd)  The splashing puddles of an approaching jogger distracts him and he losses concentration of the task at hand.

To be continued............


  1. 99 LaughingCon
    Of course sales are down from a record 2011 only screws Realtors.
    But prices are up…. Did you see jobs report 30000k in the Ontario and cdn dollar going space shuttle.
    Sorry dude bit longer for you in the basement. Lol

    Ooh the poor Smoking Man – only good with baseless s__t counting on the lazy people not going to double check what you claim:

    You – “sales down from a record 2011″ ???
    Me: Sales number for SFH in 416 for December:
    2007 – 760 sales;
    2008 – 357 sales;
    2009 – 765 sales;
    2010 – 576 sales;
    2011 – 581 sales;
    2012 – 491 sales;

    LC 1 / SM 0:

    “30k jobs in Ontario”
    Me – CANSIM table 282-0088 (S.Adj.) Ontario
    NAICS – Dec.2011 versus Dec.2012:
    Goods prod.- 1,414.9k versus 1,408.3k now / decline;
    Construction – 444.3k versus 428.1k now /decline;
    Manufacturing – 784.7k versus 804.8 now / good but no change from November;
    Trade – 979.7k versus 1,035.0k now / just the low paying jobs we need – positive is the realtors/MorBrokers can get a second job here to help with that car lease;
    Transp/Wareh- 314.7k versus 329.2k now / goes hand in hand with the trade above;
    FIRE – 483.0k versus 526.3k now / healthy increase in the parasites;
    Professional – 586.3k versus 537.6k now / 50k good jobs gone and surprise 30k are gone since last month;
    Education – 479.9k versus 527.0k now / we need more 95k teachers and babysitters; what can one say with the Educational dad;
    Heath Care – 771.4k versus 770.4k now / no change;
    Public Admin – 399.6k versus 384.2k now / good if only true???

    LC 2 / SM 0

    “Sorry dude bit longer for you in the basement’

    Dude, do not worry about me – 13.5% up with two quickies in/out since 14 Dec with the AAPL whose movements you do not understand despite claiming algorithmic writing strategies and other BS…

  2. Interesting, we need more independent thinkers in Kanata