Saturday, July 5, 2014

So close, but no deal

Almost was the proud owner of the nugget casino in Searchlight Nevada.

O well......


  1. This blog is missing some main posts deleted lately! Garth here to?

    1. I echo your sentiments. On many occasion I have had my commentary simply simply not posted on the GF. The posts were on topic, respectful, provided links with details but because they provided proof contrary to Garth's message they were not posted. I say fair enough it's his blog do what you wish, but don't lie and tell people you don't delete things. So to me he is nothing but a liar.
      As an observation I think he suffers from little man complex.
      The only reason I go there is to read the posters.

  2. SM:

    I hope your book comes soon. Cause this guy is a true SM:

    Allan Weisbecker stuff is pretty good.

  3. Would have been your undoing sm.
    I can see you now, drinking the booze and playing with the well endowed maidens.