Sunday, December 7, 2014

New Dog

Welcome to the Family....


  1. My god SM, your dawg looks like it is rocking a toupée.

  2. Congrats on the new pooch! Looks kind of dazed... Did you take him to Vegas with you? :)

    - Happy Renting

  3. Nice pooch! The best friend ever - if he/she picks you to be her boss.

    And I could not slip this past Garth - perhaps you will try with your influence!?

    "The Mother of all Bank Runs!"

    "...The line is forming and the back of the line is no place to be!"

    And on the other hand Bank of America - " Bank of America said 56pc of global GDP is currently supported by zero interest rates, and so are 83pc of the free-floating equities on global bourses. Half of all government bonds in the world yield less that 1pc. Roughly 1.4bn people are experiencing negative rates in one form or another. "

    It is going to be a nasty crash realtors, a nasty crash.

  4. He kind of looks like you, minus the jowls and the cigarette. Maybe you could use him for hair transplants too.

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