Saturday, December 27, 2014

Wynne's meets Smoking Man


  1. The biggest problem we face is schooling. Get rid of schooling and many other problems just disappear.

  2. SM, never miss a good conspiracy theory.


  3. Blue Factory Flame

  4. I dispize her... so much.

    good on you!

    btw it's hilarious how much hate you get from GT blog dogs. i don't think they realize that keeps you going hahahaha

    keep on keeping on!


  5. Hey Smokey,
    fan number 22 here.
    Just had access denied to Gartho's site.
    Guess I called him out too many times on his cluelessness. You know of any other way I can link up to the site without them knowing my IP address?
    I tried incognito but to no avail.
    I want to keep up with your posts, don't care about Gartho so much but others like yourself have some good insights.

    1. Delete your cookies, then unplug your modem for a hour, this should get you a new IP.

    2. The funniest thing about it though.
      He blocked my access after I asked him if it was true that he bought back into the Toronto housing market in 2013 to the tune of 1.7M.
      I read it here-

      So I get blocked not because I call him an idiot or a goof, it's because I asked if he bought a house in Toronto

    3. SM I found my solution. You're right google is a wonderful thing.
      A web-based proxy service is the perfect online proxy tool to unblock websites blocked in your country or blocked by other Internet restrictions, such as a firewall software, a malicious application or a hosts file modification
      Here is the site

  6. Hey SM. History channel Friday at 8pm.--UFO's declassified

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