Friday, January 8, 2016

New Millionare

Had a fellow blog dog who is a Huge Smoking Man fan contact me back in Jun.

He asked what I use to trade Forex. Told him, I said it was dangerous if don't know what you're doing, Open a demo account a practice for 2 years. or you will get crushed.

So much for listening to me,

He opened an account with 10k, built it up to over 100k, then started betting big.

I gave him a few tips with the understanding that when I publish my book, he's to buy it, then lie his ass off in the book review and say it was great.

Never heard from him again until a few minutes ago, he sent me these. pics...

Congrats  JHD on your first Million. Cash it out, never do this again. You were lucky.

This is his live trade blotter.


  1. What platform do you use? Any tips? I'm looking to get rich off of T2's idiotic policy of killing the CAD.

  2. Ava trade. Your on your own, one apprentice at the time.

  3. Ava trade. Your on your own, one apprentice at the time.

  4. Thanks for the answer. I was looking at interactive brokers, I will look into Ava trade.

    I'll cut you in 25% of the profits. Easy way to leverage your knowledge.

  5. I like Avatrade, already up $6k on the practice demo, they trade a lot like stocks. Do you trade options or buy and hold? I think options would be a better way to minimize risk and maximize leverage. You're the best!


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