Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bit of Chapter 4

Chapter 4
Dinging Down the House.

There we were, the four of us waiting for the elevator door to open. Each of us with ten thousand dollars of disposable fun and a complete mistrust of each other.

The elevator ding-er dings twice, "That's ours" I said.
Ashman blurts out. "How do you know it's going down?"

Barrington chimes in. "Every elevator in the world works this way, the only thing humans ever got right. Most humans are oblivious to one ding for up, two dings for down you ding ailing. We are in the penthouse, the top floor, what are you even doing on this mission."

We get on the elevator.
On the ride down Barrington’s face is buried in his smart phone doing an ancestral search on Hugo. Ashman now in a real foul mood after another insult, and Jeremiah still not sure if I was telling the truth, wondering if I'm going to kill him the second he turns his back. What is wrong with me, I should be worried about him killing me, because he thinks I'll be killing him. Relationships are complicated. We reach the casino level.
The elevator door opens mirrors everywhere as we step off.

Barrington shouts out and stops me dead in my tracks. "Smokey, this is very interesting, farthest I can go back regarding Hugo’s ancestors. His great, great grandmother's name is Jduka Mandic, the Father's name is Milutin, can't make out his last name. Jduca was born in 1822 in Croatia, Milutin was a Serbian Orthodox Preacher.

"Wonderful." I said.

We're in Vegas, we have a shit load of loot, supernatural powers, big dicks, and professor British accent is still working. Fuck. Where did I go wrong as commander?
"Smokey, remember the scouting expedition we sent here in 1810. Remember the crash of the second generation Titan-370-star ship?" Barrington said.

"Yes I do Remember, how could I ever forget the missing pilot's name, Shlong Zinger.” I said.
Yes, and it crashed five miles from the town of Smiljan. Close proximity to where Jduka and Milutin where born, Shlong Zinger could easily be Jduka or Milutin's Father. "He said.

"I think you're onto something, good work, keep digging lad. But dude, it's Friday night man, we're in Las Vegas with a shit load of loot. Enough work already, it's time to party. “I said. 

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