Monday, August 13, 2012

CERN and it's effects on The Toronto Condo Market

PhD’s  = Paddle heads
RS = Rocket Scientist
ASS = Atom Smasher
BS = Dark Energy
The ASS smasher machine in CERN.  Staffed with the most brilliant Paddle Head minds the educational industrial  complex has created, computing power second to NSA 1.2 billion Utah data center currently being built the new supercomputing center to spy on everyone.  That’s why I developed for free. I hate the machine, how is this for a wrench in the gear box.
The RS were dumb founded few months ago when a little partial they shot appeared to be faster than light. Perhaps it wasn’t faster than light but the speed of light slowed down due to universal shrinkage, less mass means speed of light is slower, Mc2 smaller, and E is greater.

The RS uniformly believe that galaxies are being pushed away from each other, and  in some cases at the speed of light.  Did any one of these dudes ever consider how much a fking planet actually weighs. And the amount of energy it would take to even move it one billionth of a cm off an orbit. Now let’s factor in the sun, the planets in our solar system, hell let’s do the entire milky way. Lets move it 1 Trillionth, billionth  of a cm.  We all pushing yet.  
The Paddle Heads explanation is there is this invisible stuff we can’t see, that comes from nowhere they call it: Dark Energy. I Call it BS (Dark Energy really means  “I need more  funding from tax farm slaves.”)   E=mc2  or Mc2=E  same thing.

Universal Shrinkage For the rocket scientist
Now the Nuke Bomb proves we can convert Mass to Energy, A nuke uses highly enriched fuel fast ass electrons that react quickly so,  boom, light, then mushroom cloud , the shows over. 
And we know that the big bang created mass out of energy. How did the energy of all the mass in the universe start off as the size of an atom?  Come on PHD’s did that thought ever make it into your coconut. Or is it just something you expect cause you read in a text book.
Bubble Heads what do you think is more probable.
A: An Invisible nothing we can’t see that no one knows how it's created, while pushing galaxies that are heavy as shit away from each other at the speed of light.. Ba hahahahahaha is all I have to say.
B: Like the A bomb but much slower,  regular mass is slowly being converted to energy naturally. This energy is being sucked into the black hole within each universe’s centre, mass is shrinking , the observer looking at the nearest galaxies thinks it moving away when in fact it’s shrinking. The further out the faster it appears to be moving away. Scale effect.An optical illusion of epic proportions. And as this happens the density of the black hole increases, the black holes in each galaxy are slowly being attracted to each other. Until one day way off  into the future with no mass left  to suck, all the black holes attracted to each other via increasing gravity collide and eat each other till there is only one, their can be only one,(Highlander)  which condenses  smaller and smaller down to the size of an atom, then just as its about to become nothing, BA  BOOM,  BIG BANG number 278903838.
Kind of like condo market,  Expansion, Contraction Expansion, Contraction.
I know one thing for sure  much better chance of B than A
Dark Energy,  Please 


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