Monday, August 20, 2012


If one embarks on getting completely loser wasted just as you hand your car keys to someone, you should also unload all communication devises. 

The world after the 3rd glass, can't even describe what things look like after 15
Been suffering a 3 day hang over from consuming litre and a half of wine, and lost count of the amount Grappa shooters in very short time frame.

Also wear a helmet and avoid walking to close to hotel  hallway walls that have protruding light fixtures at approx. head level.

I have absolutely no idea what I said on Garths blog that got me deleted,  but thanks Garth.

Unfortunately , not having a censorship board managing my emails, and facebook posts well all I can say is I’m in the dog house yet again with the Fan-damily.

When that third eye comes out broadcasting things that are true that you should never say. Well shit happens.

Pointing out truths is far more dangerous than lying. Remember that kids.

So to all the butt kissing- Gartho- hero worshippers that chirped me on the weekend.

You will never learn the Move.It was going to be my next gift to you cowardly never risk a thing pretend armchair investors.

O and on RE in the GTA look at prices in London England (especially you LaughingCon)

Anyone have a link?

F-en Bubble Heads


  1. Grappa shooters? Dude, I mean this with the greatest of respect as I enjoy your posts on, but have you considered AA, or a non-religious version of AA? I don't mean quit drinking alcohol, just attend a meeting or two?

    And no more grappa. Grappa is the absolute worst.

    Best of luck with the family.


    P.S. London is only doing well because it is seen as a haven from other places that plan to tax the rich at a 75% rate, or the home country has gone up in flames.

  2. Yo anonymous


    Do you really thing I want to decompose in a nursing home like my parents are.

    Not a chance, I live large, My candle burns bright perhaps not as long as a jogger, don't mind going a bit early.

    Live is for living

  3. the fact that you say all these messed up things makes me believe you really r a trader. you probably hate people as much as i do but love studying their loogany behaviour. you learn to exploit them. the system says no bullying, i say more bullying make the kids 10x harder to face the bs reality of life. Look at the israelis, hard as fuck, look at their surroundings. stupid canada stupid loogans fuck man no wonder they all complain blah blah open up a fucking business open a fucking trading account and blow it up for fun. then you will learn how good you had it wacked with humaility fuckin jerk off's. meh whatever we need tax dollars let them slave. whats your Move???

  4. Mike, posts may seam messed up but each post has a cryptic message. In fact a fellow code smith at my tax farm figured out I was the smoking man when he de-coded one of my posts.

    In fact he is also a poster at GF and send out his own little messages.

    The move, can't describe it with words. all about angle of attack. while having two free hands to nipple twist.

  5. Just found your blog.

    "Pointing out truths is far more dangerous than lying. Remember that kids"

    Powerful shit. Fuck the haters. Keep writing.

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