Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Destinology Buy or Sell outcome is predetermined

Visualize  a cold piece of steel, a blow torch. The torch is applied to the metal for one minute, then stop time dead in its tracks, atoms and electrons stop moving.

Everything in the universe is made up of atoms and electrons, electrons orbiting nucleus, attracted to each other in one way or another. The behave based on the surrounding other atoms and electrons. The environment is constantly in motion and has a predetermine trajectory.

Now when we analyse the metal, at the core of the heat source, the electrons are orbiting faster than the ones on the edges.

Our brains being made up of the same stuff, our thoughts and actions are a result of subatomic particles in motion. You reading this, forming an opinion,  commenting on the topic was set in motion long before the big bang, that cloud you see at the moment you see it, was destined to be there, at that time in that shape and size not single  extra or one less atom in its make up.

As troubling as humans find this idea, the mechanics of this are pure and cannot be changed, thoughts, actions and motion are just results of a sub atomic world interacting with each other. A world in motion.

Humans being are stupid knobs as they  believe  that they have some kind of control over there destiny.
Not a chance, less of course you invent a time machine and go back to the torch and remove it from the metal for a trillionth of a billionth of a  second. Humans give homage and respect to fools that can spell, memorize / regurgitate,  and collect certificates, and obediently follow orders, against their interests. They serve the machine without a revenge agenda.  Rebel grasshoppers spell like me. Don't feed the machine.

Now know one will believe a self confess'd master liar, but when I had my near death experience and  was taken on a tour of the universe, by a naked gorgeous angel in jet black stelletos, Becky.  who  introduced me to Albert Einstein crying in a winged chair on the dark side of the moon, crying cause he had no more puzzles to figure out.
I met with the voice, who allowed me to enter the universal consciousnesses consolidator too early after death, where I learned everything there is to know. What the voice did not calculate, guess he was hung over, was I was going to be revived with all this info. After my revival the bastard is still in my head, I promised I would not use this know all power to disrupt the the flow of atoms and electrons, anything else is fair game.

How many times have I been wrong, Those that follow me know of what I speak.

So I say why sweat the big, stuff Buy the House or sell the house. Save or Spend, Cower under a rock or Challenge fking god in a small boat in a thunder storm.

It don't matter.

Everything, every thought, every key stroke, every action is pre-determined by things too small to see that can not change motion or direction. Your success or failure is not in your control.

Any hot ladies want the wining lotto numbers?

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