Monday, November 12, 2012

Dad Rocks

Today we celebrated Remembrance day.

I was at the nursing home to see mom and dad, dad needed a haircut so got the buzzer out and made him a 95 year old handsome devil again . 
Down stairs they had a shrine, with all the current vets in the home. My dad’s name was absent from the list, he has no medals, or awards or acknowledgment of his contribution.
He was a freedom fighter in the Serbian hills defending his home land, taking out and ambushing Nazi tanks and battalions. He and his buddies took out a lot of Nazi solders, and took prisoners and treated them humanly, our family and his old friends told me he was brilliant in the hills, mans man. He was captured and Spent 2 years in several concentration/labour camps making his way to Canada after his 3rd escape.

Hitler crushed entire Europe by September 1941. His troops were rushing toward Moscow seemingly invincible. At this, very moment of the peek of Hitler's power his troops were defeated in rebellious Serbia. Just look what united Serbs could do! This kind of site was impossible to see anywhere else in the world: long column of defeated, captured German Nazi soldiers. The prisoners are escorted through Uzice, central Serbia, by both Partisan and Chetnik troops.

Who knows what the hell he went through in the camps, he don’t remember but he was not the same man that left the family farm. When he was reunited with them in 86, they cried, did not know him to be brother that left.
I grew up with a loving dad, but no guidance. Not a bad thing either.
Today we had some vandal’s spray paint some crap on a vet memorial and a kid in London was arrested for burning a poppy. Outrageous yes, slap em in the face sure, but a crime, no.
The Irony, the very thing our guys gave up their lives for. Freedom, freedom of expression is slowly being taken away from us.
We now have hate crimes, output an expression that is overly offensive to religion and religious groups, or any other special interest group you’re going down on serious charges. Disgusting, our dads and grand fathers fought for that?
So to all the soldiers who made it back or didn’t in ww1 or ww2
I humbly honour you.
To the dead and injured in our volunteer mercenary empire building wars I respect you. And will wear a poppies for all.


  1. Chetniks in WW2 did not win one battle, collaborated with the fascist Italians, Nazi Germans, and at certain points with Croatian Ustaše, and excelled primarily in the massacre of bosnian muslim and croatian civilians. At the end of the war, chetniks fled yugoslavia towards austria for fear of revenge from the partizans and were later massacred in large numbers by the same partizans.

  2. I guess people that would have a problem with romanticising a rag tag group of war criminals would give a shit, but i see that you do not let facts bother you. Just so you know, Chetniks hated Partizans as much as they hated Nazis and Ustase. You might want to brush up on your history if you want to be able to teach your son what being a Chetnik really is about.

  3. AnonymousNovember 21, 2012 2:07 AM

    Truth is man, I am taking an educated guess about dad. His brain was fried after the war. I am the product of casualties of world war 3.

    Going by he was not allowed to return to Serbia till after Tito Died, so I am figuring that's what he did. I am a story teller at heart.

    I don't care about history in the old world,I despise religion of all kind, less of course its a Floyd or a waters concert.

    I am a Canadian there is no justification for killing fellow humans ever, no matter what they did.

    So when I say I don't give a shit about ancient tribal disputes I mean it.

  4. Fair enough, I understand your point, and I can say I agree with some points of yours here and on Greaterfool. I know you probably do not care what I think, but I actually believe that the type of book your are thinking of publishing would do well.

    Some sort of guide that tells kids upfront that most of what they are told in school, what is seen on TV, has nothing to do with how the world works, and I guess the selling point would be real life advice for the real world, minus all the spelling mistakes.

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