Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tweets about teachers get 9 Brampton students suspended

Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board demands apology letters from students.

Below is a sample letter: 
Students feel free to plagiarizer/modify and use this template.
If anyone has a better letter temple feel free to post in the comments section

This is My Sincerest Apology Letter I am being forced to write:

How dare you fuckers discipline,  threaten me with consequences  and force me to write an apology when it was you and your board who invaded my privacy by reading  private conversations of my friends and I on twitter 

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you we live in a country that has a charter of rights and freedoms, it's  displayed in the school hall, stop treating it like toilet paper. In this great country of Canada free and open speech is permissible and legal. 

My friends and I were engaged in private conversation between us you where not invited,  you have absolutely no right to read or form an opinion of this content. If you came across it by accident or were shown it  you should have respected my privacy and stopped reading, then disciplined the individuals that brought it to your attention.

We students and parents want to know why Christopher Vincent of a other Brampton school, who also was once a history teacher at St. Marguerite d'Youville Secondary School was not forced to write an apology letter when he was charged with drinking and driving and found with undisclosed controlled substance. He even gets a (Holiday) suspension with pay.

Where is the fairness in that you fucking pieces of shit.

My private conversations with my friends are done on our own time. How dare you read it. Who the fucking hell do you think you are.You Parasitic free loaders who's salaries are 100 times over what the job is worth.

I would also like to know why there is only one supplier and source to purchase our school  uniforms at extremely over inflated prices, is there a financial interest with members of the school board that allow a single supplier year after year? Why do we have no secondary choice.

I demand a written explanation as to why I need to pay so much money for this poor quality clothing. Why is the vendors right to privacy referring to it's financial statements not under your scrutiny. I want to see the balance sheet of that company.

This is a shameful abuse of power. Remember it will be my generation in charge of changing your diapers in a few years while you rot in a nursing home, pay back may be a bitch you fucking bastards..

PS: Mr school master,  you want us to use responsible speech while using social media and the like. Are you a complete fucking idiot, True free speech is irresponsible speech. and you claim to have an education.


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  1. Sathington WilloughbyNovember 28, 2012 at 1:09 PM

    Nice SM, love it, cause it's TRUE

  2. Tribute to Smoking Man


  3. SM:

    I was suspended by Mr. Vincent 5 years ago at DUVL for not having my shirt tucked in.

    NICE: Teacher are Nazi's in that school.

  4. A Smoking Man Tribute Pt2.



  5. Note to Smoking Man /Whazzup

    Check the TREB results for SFH in Toronto 416 – down 3.8% YOY for November. Sales down 18.5%.
    Good luck with your prediction power.

    It is going to be a nasty crash realtors, a nasty crash!

  6. Fucking brilliant, man.

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