Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My deleted post on GF 2012-12-05 # 1

Well I did it, on an elevator with the wheels of the firm.
2 hours after eating white rice with Szechuan chicken and consuming 3 glasses of wine with  3 packs of hot sauce my rice, my Hemorrhoids are screaming for a scratch from a weakened mind.

I cave to temptation, actually I had no control.

I did it, started with a slow twirl hoping no one noticed,  mirror told a different story, Hemorrhoid saying man up basterad, so I do. I’m busted.  So I say fk it, I dig deep, twist, dig attack, Ahhhhh, wonderful. It was so gratifying can’t find words to describe it, better than sex.  Damn it.

I am expecting security to hall my ass out of the building tomorrow. If not


I must rock,  after all I now Yoda, and now Zohan…..

Csis going who the fk  is Zohan?

Zohan stories coming…………………


  1. Smoking Man you are so fucked!!!!!!!!!

    Please don't change

  2. CREA

    Whoot! Whoot! You don't know me like that!

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  4. AnonymousDecember 8, 2012 6:22 AM

    Batman explained, goggle double top,

    Housing best place 1st street to 40th street, south of Lakeshore rd. The problem non for sale. Inventory tight, bidding wars on almost all.

    Go for a rundown shack, renovate. instant 100 to 250k profit depending on house type.

    1. Your interesting guy drinks anytime on me