Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Near Death Experiance

I got a book in my head based on a somewhat of true story, want to turn it into a screen play, any blog dogs want to help.  I'm the Gretzky of this shit who don't have a stick. I need help...Please Help

The plot:

A slightly autistic man (Richard Large, ak Smoking Man) who is tormented  with visions that come true, he drinks to avoid and cloud the pain of the bad ones that come true,  dies in a strip joint while dancers tune is gig in the sky, he dies due too excessive bacon and egg eating, smoking and drinking. His soul is taken on a tour of the universe by a gorgeous angle (Becky), he meets a crying Eisenstein pissed that he has no more puzzles to solve, He is introduced to a  voice, not sure if its god or the crazy voice in his head.

He is taken on a tour of the universal conciseness consolidator where he learns everything about everything. Becky fucked up, she took him threw the UCC to early, not enough time passed and his body was revived in an ambulance.

He recovers after a long coma with super human knowledge and power, first thing he does is transforms that old homeless lady on a bay street grate into a gorgeous young woman again, its captured by a near by news crew. The attention he gets brings more people with problems and he preforms miracles and cures cancer  He cures all illnesses, which put everyone in health care out of a job. They hate him and want him dead. All the religious leaders of all religions want him dead as their cash stream of followers renounce there own religion and follow the Smoking Man.

The CIA, CSIS, Mossad plot to take him out. Problem is he reads their thoughts, as soon as someone plots to kill him their heads explode. Eventually this power consumes him and any tiny negative thought by a fellow human causes their heads to explode, he's lost control, they all die.eventually only crazy people and drug addicted people are left. Smoking Man decides he want's to leave this world and go back to space. Goes to a bridge, and jumps, only to awake from a coma,  with all the power he had from the first coma, decides he's not going to cure cancer or make the old young. He buys a small bungalow in long branch and takes up blogging  always careful to avoid publicity.

The plan, I type it as I see it, you guys correct and make it better. eventually threw my contacts at TIFF we get a director and make a 3D  modern day wizard of oz.

I need help any volunteers contributors will get full propotional credits and comp.


  1. crowdedelevatorfartzDecember 28, 2012 at 11:38 AM

    "Dick" Large?
    Really? I figured you for a name like Biff Hardiston or Lance Alot or Bobby Dangler.....

  2. crowdedelevatorfartz


    Your name cracks me up, the other day going from 3rd floor to first, no one on elevator when door opens on 3. Some one let one rip, elevator stops on 2 me and the fact, 3 hottest get on, the smell horrified them. They think I did it.

    I laughed and said.

  3. Smokey you need to spend some time on this site. The old players never went away they run the show today.

    P.s. First??

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