Sunday, April 22, 2012


 Back in the fall when I was telling you that the spring market was going to be  hot, no red dots. I had no idea how right I was to become.

Unbelievable even to me, April is going to Break all Records in GTA sales and price. Carnage will only act if another set of good job numbers materializes and that may happen.

They cloak and craft the words carefully to let the investment class know the scoop,  while tricking working class to think when the price of goods go up.

Words like this

(The output gap shrinking)  Do any track 6ers even bother to figure out what it is he is saying.
Meaning the pool of available slaves is shrinking putting pressure on wages.

200 years ago  Slave was called a Slave
Y2000 Slave was called an Employee
2005  Slaves are called associates
2010 Slaves are called resources
Present, West Jet gives them 1 share and calls them partners

LMAO   Track 6ers

Anyone ever see the Movie The Island,  Bombed at the box office made in 2005
Got no publicity an amazing flick
If you imagine for a moment that the clones are the track 6ers

WOW what a parity to today's world.

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