Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Output Gap

When Carnage talks about the Output Gap, he doesn't mean a brunet in a Red Bikini trying to do up her laces while on roller skates.

Output Gap is bankers speak for when too many tax farm slaves are on the payroll, allowing other tax farm slaves to be in a better negotiating position. There is no way they are going to get bullied by the help asking for more loot. Lets slow things down by spiking rates.

Inflation in the cost of goods is never really acted on, last 2 years, I rest my case, but let the dog have a bigger bone, watch out. And they pretend to wonder why Canadians are in so much debt.

Get with the program Bubble Heads Start a business and own your own slaves. Your only salvation in the new world order, or you can try GOD. I would but my membership in that club has been revoked.

In LongBrach my new hood for a year now, everything is sold in less than two weeks, it takes that long cause no offers for 10 days, up price, bid, and gone.

Carnage had a chance emasculate this market with a 1% in your face don't know what hit you. Now he has created a situation whereby panic buyers will pay almost anything to beat the hike.
And sellers don't believe him anymore.

The Perfect Storm

I love Real Estate

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