Monday, April 30, 2012

How to Think

Every time someone says something to you, they are selling something. Everyone I have ever met has needs that need filled, some are resourceful, some suck at it.

Every human, every group, every alliance has an agenda with fine print they never will willingly show. It’s human nature.

The bottom line is they need to own your belief systems or it’s no sale.

Yesterday penpal who is skipping this post. made a futile attempt to bitch slap me.

I QUOTE  him
"Smoking Man My bet is that you are genuinely friendless in this world and a source of embarrassment for your family. Drug addled, drunk and whoring away your life doesn’t make you special and successful, just pathetic."

Yet he does not know what my agenda is, no idea what my end game is, does not know my weaknesses to exploit,  he is just reacting to a belief system someone programmed into him.. That’s dumb, what's even dumber is to show your cards. He's obviously not in sales that's for sure, my guess education.
I could do a full profile on him in 2 seconds but he is not reading this so on to today’s lesson.

Everybody Lies. This is how you should think.  

Say you go for a marshmallow roast with some white Supremist, Neo Nazi types.  They say Holocaust is never happened, the Jews suck bla bla bla. Two things you got to do.

One don’t show you hand, agree always,  Then try and figure out  how will they benefit if I drink the cool aid. What are they selling,stealing or hiding. What is the underlying need they want filled. Find weakness and exploit it.

The following week you go to a Likud party pig roast,(he he)  and listen to all the hard-line Zionist talk about the white skin head dogs, and the Holocaust. Then try and figure out how will they benefit if I drink the cool aid. What are they selling stealing or hiding. What is the underlying need they want filled.

Never believe anything from either side, It will make you weak  just concentrate on what  you discover and can exploit from each camp.  Then get em to swallow your cool aid and have your needs filled. It's called ownership.

That's how it's done. So simple.

Mr Carney is fibbing when we says rates are going up this year, the whole world is dropping them, but he is going to raise them. Mr Carney and F are  desperately trying to get RED DOTS on the mls by talking market down, Unfortunately The Herd Aint Swallowing

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