Monday, April 23, 2012

ANDERS Behring Breivik

Here is an extremism case of belief system gone wild. no flexibly, no deductive reasoning, no critical thinking. Void of all logic, and balance. I often say school  trains you to stay between A to Z  in his case he's stuck between Y to Z.

He is not really crazy look what he pulled off., his mind just  has no range.

The belief system once it takes hold of you with an idea, it  becomes an unconscious censor and filterer of info. This  feeds the prevailing belief and slays the ideas of the contrary.

Now if you ever get stuck in this vortex and you  make investment decisions , you will surly lose your shit. That's why only a very small number of the population can day trade and make money or even code.

We have no beliefs system other than what worked today might not work tomorrow, keep analyzing  and evaluating. be ready to do a 180 at any-given moment.  Go with you're first instinct. Follow through.
Become and practice to be great liar (teacher never tough you that) , for it's the only way will have the ability to really spot one.

In the day time I'm like Clark Kent, glasses  happy dog (hang over) , willing to serve. I watch the daily play actors, the hiarchy positioning and posturing, the egos clashing,  over hear disastrous bets people are going to make on the markets. Yet I never intervene, as I only come out at night. I'm Batman on here.

I am always bragging and boasting  speeling poorly, why would I do that,  knowing that makes people dislike me.

I'm trying to prove a point, your conditioning at school trains you to dislike people that have characteristics , like the smoking mans, the machine does not want to compete with many smoking men, School  makes you love the  person I pretend to be in the day time.

It's called control.

I'm  free and loving it. Will never stop smoking, risk taking  or drinking ever.

I was looking back at the posts In Nov and Dec.

99% percent believed with all your heart  RE was over in the GTA. and look what happen Just like I called it. For the exact reasons I used. Yet right in front of your face you did not see it, it was filtered out.

The damn belief system, you play it right it's your best friend, let it box you in your finished.

I hope I get threw to you guys one day.


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