Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fitting In

Fitting in is the most self destructive characteristic a human can have. It is the absolute sign of weakness in any Man. It's why we have a housing bubble, it's why people compromise their convictions and do what ever it takes to fit in no matter how much down the road pain it will deliver

The elite, they privately  agree with all my ideas on how to fix this world. Yet in the company of their peers, they dare not bring them forward with an audience of their kind.They wanted me to do it. f-em they don't pay me enough.

What is their kind anyway , they eat, they shit and get the occasional  runs. The Track 6ers give them so much respect, which they dwell on, it gives them a irresistible feeling of supremacy, 

They get this mojo not by the belief in ones own abilities ,  but by the Track 6ers licking their feet.

Fitting in starts in kindergarten and is rewarded handsomely  all the way to the day you get to put our obidiance certificate in a frame.

Until the people who line up on track six say, screw this,  then cross the track to 5 and shout out.  I am special I count, I am worth something, their diminishing life style and standard of living will keep drooping.

Next time you give your kid an apple to take to the teacher, put a razor in it.

The machine does not want  kids today making a survivability rate of pay, yet they are the future tax base to pay for medicine, F35's, fund pensions and social programs. Something is going to give.

Hell is coming, learn to lie, cheat, steel, and sell. You are running out of time.


  1. The world needs to do away with participation ribbons.

    "If you're not first, you're last" - Ricky Bobby's dad in Talladega Nights

    ...Looks like the Batman in the bond yields has proven lower yields and higher bond prices. Curious if there is a bottoming signal that opposes this

  2. look for batman upside down, it's really that easy.

  3. Came over here from Garth's blog. This post resonated with me.