Monday, May 7, 2012


Well I enter exhibit A The machine has successfully talked down the Market in that Market.
And the machine has got double barrel shot guns on the Toronto market. Lets face it, House prices in the GTA vs Income are insane.
F needs to rain in this insanity, to please his masters other wise , the scum bag middle class will be demanding more loot.
Which means the pool boy, the maid, and the nanny, you try and keep one for more than six moths will be demanding more loot.
This will not do..
Middle class when you walk down town and the homeless dude is begging for money, the contempt and ill feeling you have to the slimebag is what the elite and those in power out side the light think of you.
Even though you may drive a nice car, and have a nice house. You’re a dog in their eyes, while they pat you on the head and say good boy. Been to parties like you wont believe, seen it first hand.
That’s why I always say steel the fking customer list, cause sucking up gets you no respect. Honesty integrity, virtue in their eyes is a sign of pathetic weakness and confirmation in their heads that you are a dog.
The school system is a pet training operation. The teachers are just well trained pets, following orders.
I say steel customer list dogs, and live large.


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