Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lake Simco Chat on a boat

Was on the lake today, shooting the breeze with some boomer  palls , Many of them lost their shirts in 2008, will not touch a mutual fund or make investments in Bonds Equities, they don't even know what preferred's are.

All of them have made their remaining wealth in Real Estate and have no intention of liquidating some of there properties. Made fun of me for un loading all but one. See how much loot you lost smoking man, I said ya I'm an idiot but I had no choice markets wiped me out, poverty sucks, we can't win all the time I said, as I cruise  the lake on the hosts gas, booze and shrimp.

I did such a good job faking poverty one of my pals offered my free car 2007,  rag top beamer , as they noticed I was in a rental. I just said thanks but I don't need a car and the insurance would kill me right now.
Don't worry boys, not looking for a hand out, I will bounce back, I always do, but thanks I appreciate it.

Prompting guy hugs. I was dying inside. LMFAO

At leased now my kids our out hustilling, learning to sell,   they know that stupid dad lost all the loot, They got to make it on there own. The guys on the boat have sons in the 20's few degrees, but mostly don't work are banking on Dad to look after them. Funny thing is the daughters are all doing good.

Ah That feminized curriculum.


  1. "The guys on the boat have sons in the 20's few degrees, but mostly don't work are banking on Dad to look after them. Funny thing is the daughters are all doing good."

    I've noticed this too. What's up with that?

    What is this feminized curriculum you speak of?

  2. Will be the subject of tonights post, If I can get away from the bar early.

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