Wednesday, May 9, 2012


On May 1st Me and Turner Nation were long on ERF I told him to bail.
#128 Smoking Man on 05.01.12 at 12:29 pm 
TurnerNation "This Huston. Shuttle ERF. Go with Throttle Up"
“Roger Huston  going with Throttle Up."
"Going with Throttle Up"  is Trader Speak for disaster about to happen.

How did the Oracle of Oracle's know,  Am I a funky insider?, nope, the insiders don't listen to me. The fking pre ma dona's are to busy with their PHD level risk modles.(That never picked up 2008) They are always missing the obvious. 

One Day if I feel generous I will let them pay big bucks for small bits of my brain.
Here is how I did it this time. 
Batman made a very strong head on May 1st. TSX Can you spot Batman. Please tell me you can.  select one month chart.
Just Like Dings in elevators, and track 6ers. It's not rocket science. 
One More  Lets look at the Bank of Canada  benchmark bonds.
Find me a Batman
Do you get it now kids.
Your Welcome :)


  1. haha, this is brilliant. Expanding the TSX chart and before almost every correction was some sort of batman or floppy ear batman. Good work SM.

    This must spell a disaster for the bonds since all of them have the caped crusader lol


  2. No the batman on bonds are yields which means bond prices up, rates down

  3. batman (ADJ/NOUN) - usage "a /batman top/"
    1. a well defined double top of approximately equal magnitude, joined by a convex connection which can be as short as intraday , best seen on a 30d chart, indicative of a weaking price trend of the security in question.

    2. batman brings a world of hurt

    3. the aforementioned caped crusader of gotham

    who can write a bit of code to seek out batman across all tickers???