Thursday, May 10, 2012

Girls and Granet

Some one commented on my post,  why girls do so much better at school than boys.

I see it, and I certainly don't want to start a gender war but here is the Truth.

Back in the cave man days, the men had to hunt and bring home food. The woman nursing small kids stayed in the cave and organized shit. As they accumulation carcass, bones and other stuff  they probably started some form of written record keeping to know where everything was.

Now the men never wrote stuff down, but they had to be visual, remember land marks, we took a right at the tree by the lake, and a left by the buffalo shit.

Men evolved with visual stimulus so they could find their way back to the cave, woman evolved by making notes of where they had stuff and how to cook the best buffalo.

Today you don't need to look to far for evidence that the characteristics still hold true today.

Men Visual, Woman Reading Notes.

A group of 20 year old men watching a porno can easily in 20 seconds become a great coat racks. Most woman want to puke.

Yet the best selling book is basically a porno with words, "50 shades of Grey". I read a bit of it Boring, wifey before the first chapter was chasing me around the house for a bit of bald old Man. Unreal :)

School and the architects who designed it  needed to find a unit of measure to present the achievement to the Machine,then have the teachers  heads patted like the good dogs they are.

You can't measure  a mans visual genius very well, yet you can measure if a dog does a good job memorizing and regurgitating. The feminized  man has a degree.

Woman are naturals at this, been doing it since the cave, they made  recipes for cooking dinosaur parts. That's why they excel at school.

And the Machine got smart about 30 years ago.It figured out how to get two labour credits for the price of one,  The bounce was they got rid of mom so they can now complete own her kids mind.

They taught the woman that staying home and nurturing and educating children was for losses. They taught them that we are going to split the wage required to pay the bills into two, hence more sweat for the same loot,  and tricked them the beilive that a carrier  is way  cooler than mother hood.

How many Carrier woman long to be home with their beautiful  baby's but will never admit it.

The educational industrial complex.  Nice

As far as Gannet? too shit faced to remember what I was thinking when I started.


  1. The pool of labour has shrunk with the 60k jobs added, but unemployment has risen .1% (maybe more moms are coming back from parental leave or immigrants got papers and are ready to work). Curious how that contrasts with your theory that the labour pool has decreased and people will be demanding wage increases?

    Food for thought...No matter how high in the top 2% people are - we're still serfs. Own the right to a plot of land but do you really own it? Try not paying property taxes and see if the piper lets you keep your "property". Just like the dark and middle ages: People are labour, making high or low credits on a piece of terrain that the only difference, people can decide where to purchase instead of being alloted. But not much has changed, back then you were in debt to pay off your land as a slave to the property master. Today, most are in debt to pay off their land to the city/prov/fed property master.