Monday, May 28, 2012

House Hold Debt

We hear a constant echo from Ottawa, Muppet's get your debt in order., cause you know rates are going up.  Sure,Sure  when and not if  Greece folds just watch rates go back down.

I make a shit load of loot, I work  for free consulting in a field I love,  all my consulting income 100% goes to pay an outrageous disproportionate amount of tax. 

But even I have noticed just how nuts things have become, Insurance, Housing, Gas, Food, etc.For the average Joe.

Canadians are in debt up to there eyeballs cause the architects of our economy have made it easy for corps to rake in huge loot, while getting tax payer funded grants,  while at the same time crushing any threat whereby the Muppet's might  get a raise to even the  keep the head above water.  I declined my offer to go to Chantilly, Virginia.  I lobbied like crazy, finally got the invite, now that I got it  fk em.

Most of you know I got a knack for picking markets and trends, almost down to the minute of major trend reversals, as demonstrated here over and over. The elite that  have been picking my brain since 2000 rewarding me unbelievably well have lost it . 

I have maintained  a very  low profile through out and only have a select dozen people I work with. And I am in the process of slowly backing away from those relationships.

They don't get it, and they don't like what I say about were things are going and what needs to be done to fix it before it's to late. They think they know the Herd and they do to an extent, but a starving dog, no matter how well trained  has no loyalty. 

I'm right about 99.9% of the time now they think I'm wrong. 

When I told'em two years ago I was going to fake poverty for my kids, they thought I was nuts. I faked poverty so my kids would worry about life a bit and get of the sofa and experience the trill of climbing a mountain,  falling down and getting up, and it worked on 2 out of three.  Number 3, well I got a hit man at my disposal. 

I guess I have gone  Colonel Kurtz

Was in the Muskoka this week end, boring,best behaviour, plastic on,  on some big boats. I just wanted to get back to my Gazebo and get shit faced by myself listing to Floyd. and scanning the skies for UFO's..



  1. I love it! Acting poor to give your kids a fighting chance in life! Perfect! Seriously...they will thank you in time, or should, and profusely!
    I too have weaned my kids off of the 'I wants', to the "I should work for and appreciate' mentality. And they have responded in kind! It has been enlightening for all involved. I'm glad I'm not alone in thinking that they are being done no favours in a world where they can have almost anything they like as long as their willing to sign a piece of paper that may or may not have any bearing on their future comfort. Nay...they understand more than most children their age that they'll never be rich with a job, and that the government, banks, politicians campaigning and most other institutions have only their own best interests at heart...not theirs.

    Thanks for this post!

    PS...shitfaced in a gazebo rocking out to Floyd...aaaah, serenity!

  2. The Shit faced Floyd Gazibo Drunken UFO hunter is as close to heaven as one can get.


  3. "They don't get it, and they don't like what I say about were things are going and what needs to be done to fix it before it's to late."
    So where are things going?

  4. So where are things going?

    Depends, Inflate the debt away, all will be good, for the dogs, bad for those with lots of loot under the bed.

    Austerity, all bets are of, the dogs will lose loyalty and fear, with instant communications, dogs will hunt in large packs.

    1. We've seen the second situation seemingly come and go with flash robs. Unless of course it has yet to morph into something greater.
      Of course, we have been sheltered from all this, up to this point in the great white north.
      The real pain is yet to come.
      the inflation is being seen but the wages are not going up accordingly, people are starting to feel the squeeze.
      Ed from Tobycoke

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