Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wee Victoria Grant

Wee Victoria Grant thinks she's got it figured out

The little twerp might be right look at the chart. But wait, hum, their is something she is not looking at.

But what Victory does not understand without debt to finance growth, her dad would still be driving a Volkswagen,   She would not have an I phone,  we would be just be inventing windows 95.

What the chart does not show is the rate of advancement in technology driven by debt, before fake money came to be, advances where very slow, and only a tiny handful of tyrants  had all the loot. who did not really like to finance it out.

I'm wondering does she own any bank stocks, cause if the banks are the thieves raking it in. not hard to get a piece of the action. You click a wee button that says BUY, the bounce is you can buy it with money created out of thin air from your dad's HELOC

Now if another country say USA brought in the fiat Money out of thin air,  and your country did not.

That other country will leave you in the dust technologically, and economically  speaking.  US did it first everyone had to follow.

Now the Billions the Banks are pulling in go to share holders, pay out preferred, Employees get a chunk  who then buy and consume things in the economy so your daddy can have a job to afford to drive you around to do these speeches. If he crashes his car and goes to the hospital and gets an MRI to save his life , you should thank your lucky starts that Debt financed the technology.

Now the system is good so long as the politicians are honest, and a bit smart.

But they are neither, the pricks abuse it for profit.

They over pay for things like F35, or Wind Farms  for future kickbacks, and board seats. Unfortunately the tax payers get the bill for these abuses.

Nice Job Victoria, but to be elevated to smoking man status, you need to look at the bigger pic and not what your dad said.

Just saying..............................

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