Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Montreal Students

Love their spirit but?

Lets look at this, they are fighting for the right to get an obedience certificate that entitles them to a cushy number, sitting down hopefully with a computer and a cube. All the Track 6ers think they are entitled brats.

Not me, it's more than a tuition hike, under the surface they swallowed the cool aid and they know the future is bleak and it's an excuse to vent.

Last week I decided to learn a new programming language . I google up 20 code samples and in two days I can do anything in that language. Now don't think it's that easy, I have a great self taught base to draw from.

The point I'm trying to make is the new bee's will never make the loot that the boomers did, we are in a globalized market where capital and jobs go to the lowest bidder. And our governments and Bank of Canada encourage it.

If you're in a post secondary school burn your books at the next bubble head bond fire, and learn to be a revenue generator, sales, someone that brings in money, rather than costs money.

It's your only chance in tomorrows world for success, Say you have an amazing creative tallent, if you can't sell it your a nobody.

Now if you wana be an architect, it's your passon, you don't care what you get paid, that's different but be prepared to learn a new language and move to different countries to find work.

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